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       Wu stressed that the creation of a civilized city is not a matter of a department, but a common matter of all units in the district, the public, we should continue to mobilize volunteers, drive the participation of the public, extensive mobilization, forming a joint force; Volunteer organizations continue to carry out the "Red Vest walking Pingshan" series of volunteer services, to guide and correct uncivilized behaviors, so that citizens can cultivate civilized habits and fundamentally help the construction of urban civilization. To match the standards and tables, to put the service of creative writing and will in place, and do a good job of materials and recruitment guarantee.  The official said that the government forces on The 9th in The warab state of Tongji during the operation to seize illegal guns, an illegal gun and trying to escape the young man. The two sides clashed, eventually setting off a firefight between gunmen and government forces. The clashes resulted in the death of 34 soldiers and 84 civilians and the wounding of several others. The death toll is likely to rise because of limited local medical conditions.  

      On August 11, Forbes released its list of the best ceos in China. The average age of the 50 ceos on the list is 54, and the average market value of their management companies is 365.4 billion yuan, of which four are women. According to the list, the top five are alibaba zhang yong, Tencent holdings ma huateng, ping an ma mingzhe, China merchants bank tian huiyu, and Meituan wang xing. It's worth noting that 10 of the ceos on this year's list are based in Shenzhen, far higher than those in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Shenzhen topped the list of this year's top ceos in China, including Internet giant Tencent, insurance leader Ping An, Mindray Healthcare, the country's largest manufacturer of ventilators, and Lexmark Precision and Pengding Holdings, which have enjoyed apple's supply chain in recent years. How to innovate the pattern of resource allocation and build a high - tech industry cluster? 'The core Shenzhen Bay park developed and operated by Shenzhen Investment Control has a total area of 3.6 million square meters, provides high standards of construction and high quality services, and rents are 30% cheaper than similar properties on the market,' Mr. Wang said. At present, Shenzhen Bay Park has more than 1,000 enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 250 billion yuan. It has become a well-known and industry-leading high-tech park brand in China. In the past two years, the company has undertaken many landmark projects such as Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone and Shenzhen Bay Super headquarters base. The investment in the next few years will reach 150 billion yuan. & have spent "Chongqing at Night," by Wu Guanzhong, is now worth hundreds of millions of yuan. In 1980, the museum paid Wu only 23.6 yuan for his contribution. Han Yu's "Comment on Snow Tracer" was purchased and collected by the exhibition hall in 1982 with the payment of 25 yuan... In the exhibition, you can see that some of the paintings once purchased and collected are now worth a lot of money, which reminds the public to return to the cultural market of decades ago. This is also a large number of valuable art treasures left by Shenzhen Art Museum for Shenzhen. In addition, the documents of this exhibition include the sales list of Traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy of Shenzhen Exhibition Hall in November 1979, correspondence between old curators of Shenzhen Art Museum and famous artists, and the list of works of "Beijing Art Shop Calligraphy and Calligraphy Exhibition" held in Shenzhen in 1980. All these historical materials are deeply marked by The Times. We will fully implement the joint prevention and control mechanism. Area medical group headquarters building zone spreading into five check mechanism, to mobilize 81 more than 1300 social health center medical personnel, actively undertake preview of fever patients triage, medical observation point hotel management, close contacts of transhipment, community prevention and control of the trinity screening, home quarantine work, such as tracking of community health management object, for the epidemic prevention and control of "five" play an important role. At the same time, we will do a good job in quarantine and management of imported people from overseas, effectively moving the epidemic prevention and control pass forward. Connect schools in different areas, guide epidemic prevention and control on campus, and escort teachers and students to return to school safely. After the reform, the group has set up specialized departments in charge, including six departments: General Development Department, Social health Management Center, Quality improvement Department, asset Operation Department, Support and security Department, and smart health Department, which carry out management from different sides to group member units.

      According to the guidelines, within a certain period of time in the same dormitory, class or campus, the number of students with similar symptoms associated with epidemiology reaches or exceeds a certain number of cases, that is, the early-warning indicators are reached. Similar symptoms include fever, cough, headache, sore throat, parotid enlargement, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, dizziness, fatigue, conjunctival congestion, etc. At the same time, guangdong street also held a boutique characteristic community creation report defense training. Communities around the "systematic and quality, the characteristic" create demand, combined with the epidemic prevention and control, the party lead the community governance reform, big stage "small community" case selection such as the key work report created the situation, the leaders, experts, scholars, questions and comments on the site, helping communities to summarize experience, refining, and in the process of interaction between defense secretary for communities decide questions and ideas. Quality characteristics of the community to create work since 2019, guangdong street community party construction as the lead, guided by the demands of the people's livelihood, to build the work for the gripper, actively play a role of central party committee, fully mobilize multivariate main body strength, promote management refinement, service, accuracy, and the preliminary implementation work sharing of community governance. For example, Houhai community set up a self-regulatory alliance of merchants to make the pet street "clean and refreshing"; The community of Shenzhen University makes full use of the 3C linkage platform between society, school and enterprise to strengthen resource sharing and diversified integration. The "Enterprise trade Union Alliance" was established in Maling community with the help of party construction to promote two-way service and mutual assistance between the community and enterprises for win-win results. Nanyou community excavates and inherits the spirit of "frontier cattle" and promotes "frontier cattle" veteran party members to participate in community governance services; The science and technology park community has established the Park co-governance Alliance, which has effectively maintained fair competition The increase was 3.7 percentage points; The price of aquatic products rose by 4.7%, down by 0.1 percentage point. The price of eggs dropped by 16.6%, an increase of 0.8 percentage points. Fresh fruit prices fell 27.7 percent, narrowing the decline by 1.3 percentage points. In July, industrial production continued to pick up, market demand gradually picked up, and international commodity prices continued to rise. Data released on the same day showed that producer prices fell 2.4 per cent year-on-year in July, 0.6 percentage points less than the previous month. The history of China since modern times, the bullying of foreign powers, the lament of the long night. In 1931, the "September 18 Incident", The Japanese imperialists started the long-planned war of aggression against China, which pushed the deep crisis of the Chinese nation to its climax. Bathygenic of north China, central China revolution, three fire, nine xia wu Tiao Tang... The Japanese aggression and cruelty drove China into the desperate situation of "national subjugation and extermination". At the same time, it also inspired the determination of the whole nation to unite against the enemy and jointly defend against foreign aggression. At key points in the nation in peril, the outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese people to stand up, "improper fellow-countrymen refusing to", in the process of resisting aggression in the national spirit with patriotism as the core, of the old China fragmented national together, created the national Anti-Japanese War, the country is buzzing, unity is strength resistance pattern, set up filled history of the Chinese nation the spirit of the monument. 

      Shenzhen huaxia vocational school is the shenzhen human resources and social security bureau approved the new modern industrial schools, biotechnology is guangdong province secondary vocational and technical education based on professional skills curriculum examination points, shenzhen old-age care service high-skilled talent training base, shenzhen guangdong cuisine chef high-skilled personnel training base. The university has 4 teaching and research departments of digital business, modern service, automobile maintenance and public foundation, and 11 majors.     A number of key policies have taken root in interconnected and multi-sectoral sectors. The district Human Resources Bureau set the top post for the headquarters of the district medical group according to the standard of tertiary general hospital. The district Housing and Construction Bureau provided talent housing, which solved the housing problems that had been pending within the group, especially among the general practitioner team. We will strengthen financial support and improve the hardware and software configuration of institutions within the medical group. The district Committee and the district government provide the group headquarters with special funds to support the medical reform; For three consecutive years, we increased subsidies for social and health care diagnosis and treatment and increased funding for basic public health services. Support the purchase of public health (Jingwei) social work service projects, introduce full-time social workers, and assist doctors in carrying out public health work; Support the purchase of social logistics service projects, promote the construction of the group headquarters logistics sharing center; Many medical staff in hospitals choose to work in social health centers. The Guangming Station is located on the north section of Guangming Avenue between Lai Lin Road and SAN Min Heng Second Street, facing north and south. Science Park station to the north, Guangming Avenue station to the south. The station's construction land is mainly industrial land, with Xinjianxing Science and Technology Industrial Park in the east and Shenzhen Second Vocational And Technical School and Lilin School in Guangming District in the north. Guangming Station is an elevated three-storey island station, which adopts the combined structure form of "build-bridge". Three floors on the ground are platform floors, with platform doors on both sides of effective platforms. The station is an island platform, the second floor is the station hall floor, and the first floor is the overhead floor. There are 4 entrances and exits in the station: A, B, C and D. The entrance and exit of B is reserved and has not been opened yet. Among them, Exit A is the bus connection in the direction of Songgang, and Exit D is the bus connection in the direction of Science Museum.

        During the period of "difference", deep point will be among the world top 500 as an opportunity, at a higher position, a wider field of vision, stronger bear, further and stronger to do fine business, promoting soe reform action plan in three years, trying to form more across the country call to ring, have to open the shop, have a demonstration meaning of state-owned enterprises reform, development and achievements, to speed up build the international first-class state-owned capital investment company, for the "double zone construction" to make a greater contribution. On the expert forum, Lu Xin, former vice minister of The Ministry of Education and President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association, made a keynote report entitled "Development of microelectronics Industry: Problems and Countermeasures of Talent Training". The report started from three aspects: historical requirements of industrial chain upgrading, development status of microelectronics industry and countermeasures of talent training of microelectronics. She said that microelectronics technology represents the core competitiveness of the country, and the Microelectronics Special Committee has now formulated the "3+4+5" development plan, that is, it plans to use about three years, lead 400 colleges and universities across the country, cultivate 300,000 talents in the field of microelectronics, train 5,000 teachers; Focus on the construction of professional standards research base, teaching material construction output base, teaching law reform demonstration base, teacher training base and other four carriers; We will implement five measures, including the national layout of higher vocational colleges for microelectronics, the overall improvement of the teaching staff for microelectronics, the overall adjustment of teaching materials for microelectronics, the overall construction of personnel training standards for microelectronics, and the overall reform of scene teaching for microelectronics. Dapeng district urban garbage classification management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, said the new district will constantly improve JiaoChang tail scenic spot "timing" designated collector + the metering and other garbage classification characteristic patterns of scenic spots, and promote copied to the officer, yangmei pit scenic lake, relying on the shenzhen city living garbage classification management regulations promulgated, combined with the practically strengthen the regulations, garbage classification propaganda guide residents right practice disc, at the same time, through this activity, booster "civilized city to create a" work, advocate more people to become CD practitioners action, make the garbage sorting into public life, promote the habits of the whole society to develop. In the industry, Ping An has the name of "Unicorn land". In the hurun Global Unicorn 2020 List, ping An's Luisu, Ping An Medical Science and Technology and Ping An Learning Group are listed. Other unicorns raised by Ping An include Ping An Good Doctor, China's largest Internet medical and health service platform, and China's leading business technology cloud service platform, Enterprise Finance Yijintong, etc. Last year, a consortium of Huawei, Ping An and Tencent won the bid to build a smart city and a "digital government" project in Yantian District. In the next three years, this "super team" composed of the "three giants" of science and technology of deep enterprises will be landed in Yantian, helping yantian district to build an international first-class smart city model.

      If any unit or individual has any objection to the contents to be approved in the public notice, it may report to the Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources of Shenzhen Municipality. The unit reflects the situation needs to be stamped official seal, the individual reflects the situation needs to sign the real name, and leave a contact number, address, postcode. Business scope: engineering survey (control survey, topographic survey, planning survey, construction survey, deformation and precision survey, municipal engineering survey, line and bridge survey, underground pipeline survey, mine survey); Real Estate Surveying and Mapping (Estate surveying and Mapping)       

       The supply of housing for Poyu Bantian, Bijia Xuehao, Guanyu Henglu store and other 30 projects (stores), distributed in Bantian, Buji, Nanwan, Pinghu, Longcheng and other 9 streets. Face COVID - 19 outbreak of longgang economic shocks, longgang district housing and construction bureau to carry out district party committee government support enterprises to return to work and production work, initiative, reduce business costs, especially for advanced manufacturing make greater efforts to support innovative housing raise path, adopt the mode of cooperation "lease" increase housing supply, and raise social housing stock as talent housing, rent through the government subsidies to longgang district talent supply, effective definitely longgang employment personnel housing security requirements within their respective jurisdictions.    

      Although the track is different, Ping An, Huawei and Tencent have been continuously making technological innovation and expanding the concept of ecological circle, making them the leaders in their respective industries. They have been given a new name -- HAT (for related reports, see "Shenzhen Shines the" Innovative HAT "on the 1st edition of Shenzhen Business Daily on August 10). The growth of HAT "Sanjie" is a result of Shenzhen's insistence on innovation-driven development, and also a representative of The transformation of Chinese enterprises from big to strong. Ping An was listed in the Fortune global 500 for the first time in 2008, when a total of 27 Chinese mainland enterprises were listed. Ping An was the first non-state-owned enterprise in mainland China to be included in the list. Ping An's ranking is an epitome of the rise of China's non-state-owned enterprises. Ma Mingzhe, chairman and CEO of Ping An Group, said at that time that the 20 years of Ping An has been full of thorns and challenges, and ping An should make steady progress towards the strategic goal of leading international comprehensive financial group in the future.  At least 26 coVID-19 vaccines are being developed by 17 research institutes in Russia, with the gamaliya Center making the fastest progress, Russian media reported. The phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of the vaccine at gamaliya center ended on July 15 and August 3, respectively, meeting the safety and efficacy standards of the Russian vaccine. The centre is scheduled to start a five-month phase 3 clinical trial of about 2,000 adults this month. A total of 897,599 new cases have been confirmed in Russia in the past 24 hours, Russia's epidemic prevention headquarters said Tuesday. 130 new deaths, totaling 15,131; 6,494 new cases were cured, 703,175 in total.  To promote the steady and healthy development of the housing rental market, the URBAN Housing Authority launched the country's first "stable rental housing" rental pilot project in 2019. Stable rental commercial housing application threshold is low, no housing in Shenzhen, social security paid more than 1 year of citizens can apply, not subject to household registration, income restrictions. The property rights of commercial houses with stable rents belong to market entities, whose first rents are based on the rental market prices of neighboring houses of the same type and grade, and are priced after market evaluation. The rent increase is subject to government supervision, and the annual increase or decrease is not more than 5% of the rent. At the same time, the first lease term is not less than 12 months, not more than 3 years, after the first expiration of the lease term, is allowed to renew, the renewed lease term is not less than 12 months, the total lease term (from the beginning of the first lease date) can be up to 5 years, the lease term is long-term stable. In addition, the project house type to complete sets of small commercial houses, houses are fine decoration and equipped with basic furniture, electrical appliances.


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