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How to enter the unmanned adult products store

2020-08-15 18:15:50



       Applicants are required to hold a valid resident identity card and admission ticket. The district civil service competent department shall conduct a qualification review on the shortlisted candidates. The candidates for the qualification review shall be determined according to the number of positions selected and adjusted according to the order of the written test scores (or the total scores after the written test plus the test) from high to low. If the last candidate has more than one examinee with the same score, he/she shall be determined as the candidate for the qualification review. Those who fail to meet the requirements for entry, fail to provide the prescribed documents and materials, or fail to accept the qualification review at the prescribed time shall be disqualified for entering the next stage. If there is a vacancy in the candidates for the qualification review, the position will be filled from high to low according to the written test score (or the total score after the written test plus the trial conversion), and the replacement will only be done once. (3) Physical fitness test and post adaptability test. In accordance with the National Comprehensive Fire rescue team firefighters recruited physical fitness test, post adaptability test items and standards (see Annex 3). The physical fitness test implements quantitative scoring, with the highest score (15 points) for each item and the highest score (40 points) for the total score. There is a single "unqualified" (4) psychological test and interview. The psychological test is carried out by the fireman recruitment psychological examination system, which automatically judges "qualified" or "unqualified". The interview refers to the implementation of public recruitment practices of public institutions, and the implementation of quantitative scoring, full score 100 points, less than 60 points for "unqualified". One of the psychological tests and interview results will be eliminated as "unqualified".   The employer shall organize an inspection of the personnel to be hired, and review the qualifications of the personnel to be inspected. If any unqualified candidate is found during the inspection, he/she shall be disqualified for employment and shall clearly inform the inspected party of his/her conclusion and basis. Those who pass the inspection will be determined as the personnel to be hired. The information of the personnel to be hired will be publicized through shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public number, and the publicity period will be 3 working days. Upon completion of the publicity, the personnel without objection to the publicity shall sign the Labor Dispatch Contract with the third-party agency. The employing unit shall investigate and deal with the persons who have objections to the announcement. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for personnel openly recruited. The probationary period is 2 months. If the probationary period is qualified, the employee shall be formally hired. Those who fail to pass the examination (including those who fail to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification within one year) shall be cancelled. Within the term of the labor contract, the employer may allocate the contracted dispatched teachers among schools according to work needs, and the contracted dispatched teachers shall be subject to post adjustment.

      3. Male, with college degree or above; Major or work experience in party construction, law, finance, finance, audit, investigation, public prosecution, examination and investigation, criminal trial, comprehensive writing, etc. 4. Administrative staff should be under the age of 35 (born after 1 September 1985), with the maximum age of 40 (born after 1 September 1980) for the most outstanding staff; The age of full establishment staff should be under 35 years of age (born after 1 September 1985); 3. Registration requirements: Please bring one original and one copy of your id card, graduation certificate and degree certificate, one copy of the Registration Form for Staff selected by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Antu County (Annex 1) and two recent headless photos to the organization Department on the third floor of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of The County for on-site registration and qualification examination. The materials submitted at the time of registration must be true, accurate and complete. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified once verified. (5) Publicity and trial. The standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection carries out a comprehensive study and judgment on the objects of investigation according to the post needs, personal strengths and investigation conditions, and studies and determines the candidates to be selected for the transfer, which will be published on the Network of Discipline inspection and Supervision in Suzhou and the network of Personnel examination in Suzhou for 5 working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, the probationary period will be 3 months for those who have no problems or report problems that do not affect the personnel to be transferred. After the probation period, according to its actual performance, to determine whether to transfer. Taking poverty alleviation as a starting point to realize a better life and strive for a "new goal". First of all, it discusses the current people are full of yearning for a better life. Finally, it shows that people should take a better life as a new goal. Second, the detailed argumentation part :(a) to poverty off the cap as a starting point, consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, prevent the occurrence of the "late spring cold". 】 Together we break through 70 points! Student party, working party time is appropriate. The teacher is Shao Ning, who will be praised in class every time. Every time his class is new, many candidates rush to report it. 

      B) The innovation of system and mechanism. C) The judge should do something about it. C) "institutional innovation" is the only way for the court to face new challenges in its judicial work. As for the implementation of "institutional innovation" and its specific effect, we cannot know. This paragraph first cave so as to prevent the beast attack humans live in the original and the threat of natural disasters, protect their this behavior, the concept of "security" cave, and referred to "the" cave of security "as humans evolved, have been concealed in the subconscious, and evolved into" narrow space "of security. This post selection is open to the full allocation institutions of rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Xinghua Village, Qingfeng, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets). In the "age" condition, "under the age of 35" is "born after August 18, 1984", and the rest of the calculation of age is the same. Work experience requirements, based on full years, until December 31, 2020. If the working unit changes and the time is interrupted, the working time in different units may be calculated cumulatively. The registration time is from August 18 to August 20, 2020 (8:00-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM). No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Registration place: Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Public Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.  2. Submit information and upload photos online from 9:00 on August 24 to 17:00 on August 27, 2020. Log in the Luoyang Personnel examination net, enter the online registration system according to the website prompt, fill in and save the registration application according to the requirements. After the registration application is saved, the registration system will automatically generate and feedback a registration serial number. The registration serial number is an important basis for applicants to confirm registration, download and print the admission ticket, etc., please keep it properly. Online payment time: 9:00 on August 24 to 17:00 on August 28, 2020. Those who have passed the preliminary examination of their qualifications shall not apply for other posts, nor shall they modify any information. Those who have not performed the review or have not passed the review may apply for another position before the deadline for submission of information (17:00, August 27). After the submission deadline (17:00, August 27), all candidates cannot register for other positions (personal information cannot be modified). Applicants who pass the qualification examination shall hold their id CARDS and admission tickets to attend the follow-up admission examination. The assessment items include physical examination, political examination, physical examination and adaptability test, psychological test and interview. (1) Medical examination. It shall be carried out in a designated general hospital at or above the municipal level with reference to the standards for Medical Examination of eligible Citizens set forth in the "Standards for Medical Examination of Eligible Citizens". Those who fail to pass the physical examination shall not be admitted. Before the physical examination, each municipal fire and rescue detachment shall use the online registration system to download and print the Physical Examination Form of National Comprehensive Fire and rescue Team Firefighter Recruitment, and distribute it uniformly on the day of physical examination. If the applicant disagrees with the result of the physical examination and applies for a reexamination, the provincial office of admission and the health department at the same level may conduct a reexamination after joint study. The result of the physical examination shall be subject to the reexamination conclusion. The items that can affect the examination results by taking drugs or other therapeutic means shall not be reexamined, and the preliminary examination conclusion shall be the final conclusion. In view of the special requirements of fire rescue work, those who have been assessed as disabled and have a record of treatment for serious injuries and injuries are not suitable for fire rescue work shall not be admitted.

          Autonomous region of natural resources is the composition of xinjiang uygur autonomous region people's government department, agency specifications for the main hall class, main responsibility is to monitor natural resources utilization and protection, establishing spatial planning system and supervise the implementation of universal for all kinds of natural resources asset owners responsibilities, unified investigation and approval to register, build system of paid use of natural resources, is responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geologic exploration industry, etc. The center for The Comprehensive Improvement of Land Management and other personnel adhere to the standards of both political integrity and talent, implement the principles of democracy, openness, equality, competition and merit-based recruitment, adopt the recruitment method of combining examination, interview and investigation, and make the information, process and results open. 

      Housing is an important cornerstone of a better life for the people. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, more than 10 trillion yuan has been invested in government-subsidized housing projects in urban areas, with an average annual investment of 1.4 trillion yuan completed, greatly improving the living conditions of people in need. In the next few years, continue to play a good central budget for investment and the central and local financial fund "four two dial one thousand jins" role, not only can promote to realize the people from "there is room for" to "good living" leap, the stable investment growth, play a key role will also provide important support for investment, so as to realize the virtuous circle of livelihood and promoting development, increasing people's feeling, happiness, a sense of security. (3) To participate in the on-site review of qualification examination. According to the preliminary examination results on the Internet, according to the notice requirements of the provincial admission office, the applicant shall carry id card (residence permit), residence booklet, graduation certificate (degree certificate) and online certification report, discharge certificate, the original and photocopy of the certificate certificate and other relevant materials to participate in the on-site review. Through the review, notify enroll object after the formal employ in frequently to prepare, daily management, education and training mode and abnormal departure economic punishment measures, and in the online application system to generate print "registration form" for the national comprehensive fire rescue teams firefighters enroll and firefighters enroll informed book sign (see attachment 2). Those who refuse to sign up will be disqualified.   1, have the necessary professional knowledge, educational background and technical conditions to perform post duties, have good professional accomplishment, diligent and responsible, unity and cooperation, clean working, no bad performance record, style image and professional reputation, with good psychological and physical quality. Written test results, interview results, and overall test results are based on the percentage system, calculated to two decimal places, rounded to the last. If there is a tie with the overall score, the interview with a high score ranking in the first. Within 30 working days, if any problem is found during the publicity period, the recruitment qualification will be cancelled, and the vacant places will be filled in order according to the examination results. Upon the expiration of the public notice period, the personnel without objection shall go through the relevant procedures by presenting the Notice of Employment. The probationary period is for the recruited personnel Since the major of "Art Design (Media Art Design)" has no professional code and is not in the catalog of undergraduate major issued together with "Recruitment Notice", then how did Wuning County Cultural, Guangxin Tourism Bureau know and set up this major, and how did the county human Resources and Social Security Bureau examine and approve it? "This major is the same as mine, which was divided several years ago and cannot be found in the ministry of Education's major catalogue comparison table. The latest plan specifies to hire an old major that isn't in the catalog." Qu Jianghuan couldn't figure it out. Not only that, Wuning county bureau of human resources and social security to the explanation of the relevant professional issues also can not make Qu Jianghuan convinced, since it is not the "recruitment notice" listed in the major can not enter oneself for an examination, then why the same year the recruitment of the "cultural counselor 2" position has recruited personnel of the professional can not "recruitment notice" requirements are the same?

      (I) The exam does not specify the exam counseling books, nor does it hold or entrust any organization to hold exam counseling training classes. Any tutoring class, tutoring website or publication issued in the name of public institution recruitment examination preparation group, specialized training institution, etc., or Internet access card appears in the society, which has nothing to do with this recruitment. Address: 2nd Floor, Government Service Building, No. 628, Jianlong Avenue, Dingcheng Town, Ding 'an County; Consultation telephone number: 0898-63828660; Technical telephone number of registration website: 0898-36382846; Consultation time: 8:30-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM; consultation is not accepted on holidays; Supervision and reporting telephone: 0898-63800599 (Discipline Inspection and Supervision Unit).   3. Supplementary materials can be submitted before 17:00, August 18 (Tuesday), if the materials submitted within the specified time are examined as missing parts, or if the admission office has agreed to postpone the submission of materials in advance. After the completion of the examination of the recruitment organs, unified report to the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee civil servant two section. 4. Qualification examination runs through the whole process of examination and record. In case of any inconsistency between the on-site qualification examination and the online preliminary examination results, the on-site qualification examination results shall prevail. In the follow-up work, if it is found that the person who has passed the examination does not meet the requirements for entering the examination or practices fraud and other problems, once verified, the qualification will be immediately disqualified and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions. Special reminder: please timely login "Lighthouse - Zibo Party construction" website "civil servant recruitment special topic" to pay attention to the relevant information, and keep the communication contact unimpeded, if there is a change in the way of communication, please contact with the recruitment agency in time, so as to avoid poor communication affect the qualification examination and interview and other matters. The candidate shall be responsible for the consequences caused by the failure to communicate with the recruitment agency due to the replacement of the mobile phone.

      (A) The first distribution is the first distribution, which is carried out by the market in accordance with the principle of efficiency and is directly related to the factors of production. Any production activity cannot be separated from production factors such as labor force, capital, land and technology. Under the condition of market economy, certain money must be paid to obtain these factors, and this monetary reward will form the primary distribution income of all factors providers. Employees of the enterprise to obtain overtime remuneration belongs to the initial distribution. According to the principle of fairness and efficiency with emphasis on fairness, the government conducts redistribution through taxation and social security expenditure, such as providing relief to poor households and disaster victims, collecting personal income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. The government provides subsistence allowances to poor families and applies for student loans for students from poor families, which are the second allocation.  Rural pastoral areas especially poor families, urban families can be exempted from the examination fee. Rural pastoral areas where extremely needy candidates will flag county (city, area) issued by the office of special difficult to prove, especially tired family fundamental condition file card copy, urban low income family where candidates will flag county (city, area) issued by the civil affairs bureau to enjoy low proof and low guarantee copy and ensure yearly check dynamic pages, as well as the photocopy of id of the candidates (indicate the registration number and contact phone number), the solstice on June 15, 2020 before 17:00 on June 23, the related documents scanning to email the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and personnel test center, after verification, exempt from enter oneself for an examination fee. (Special note: the subject line of the email should indicate the candidate's name, registration number, contact number, relationship with the person receiving the subsistence allowance and other information. The scanned copies of relevant documents should not be added into the compressed file.) Before signing up, applicants should apply for ankang code with their real names through the "Wanjiantong" APP, and carefully read the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Instructions during the Examination period" (Annex 3). Eligible to enter oneself for an examination personnel need to fill in "chizhou guichi district public institution staff transferring form (attachment 2), by place unit signed consent to enter oneself for an examination opinions and the town street, carrying his valid identity CARDS at the same time, the original and the copy of degree certificate and job position, experience, such as materials, the recent bareheaded and one inch photos 3, to the specified location registration and qualification censorship. Each applicant can only apply for one post, and shall not apply for posts that avoid the situations listed in Article 38 of The "Interim Measures of Anhui Province on Open Recruitment of Public Institutions". Thirdly, the government should take an active role in promoting the development of charity. On the one hand, the scope of charity organizations enjoying tax incentives should be expanded, and restrictions on the number and size of funds of charity organizations should be removed, so that more small-scale private charity organizations can enjoy tax incentives. On the other hand, the tax exemption level of enterprise and individual charitable donations should be raised, so that enterprises and individuals have more financial resources to invest in charity. 1. (2020 Guangdong) The fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed for the first time to "attach importance to the role of the third distribution and develop charity and other social public welfare undertakings". The following belongs to the third distribution (NBSP; & have spent & have spent & have spent )

      In short, the third distribution is directed to help the poor and the weak, and follows the voluntary principle. Its main body is the social force, and its form (or way) is the social public welfare cause including the folk donation, charity, voluntary action, etc. Its driving force is mainly the factors of morality, culture, habit and so on. The third distribution reflects the ideological culture, moral level and civilization level of a society, as well as the internal requirements of citizen participation to help the weak and improve their own morality. We should create a positive and healthy view of social wealth in the whole society, vigorously explore and carry forward the traditional virtues such as kindness and mutual assistance, list the modern charity idea as an important part of citizens' moral education, and make charity a daily activity in which the whole people actively participate. ★ Infrastructure (public facilities, transportation facilities, road facilities, etc.), supporting facilities, technical facilities, technological upgrading, relying on science and technology; Hardware, software, 4 road, road, street lamps, greening, fence, electric power, water supply, drainage, network construction, fire escape, temporary shelter, waste recycling, water, pipeline, such as library, the urban infrastructure, infrastructure construction, environmental protection, disaster prevention facilities, transportation facilities, communications network infrastructure, communication network conditions  (2) During the interview and test, it shall be under closed management according to regulations. Items unrelated to the interview and test (bags, cash, mobile phones, mineral water, cosmetics, etc.) shall not be brought into the examination room during the whole process. When participating in the qualification review, you can bring the relevant information into the entrance. After checking the health code at the entrance, the mobile phones carried by the candidates will be kept by the staff and retrieved at the time of departure. The rest of the items should be properly stored before registration. The main station is not responsible for keeping the items. If the items are lost, the candidates themselves will be responsible for the consequences. Before the entrance, professional security personnel will use the equipment for security check. If you use mobile phones or other communication devices during the interview, or violate the rules of the interview venue, you will be disqualified for the interview. After the verdict, Qu, wuning County human Resources and Social Security bureau and Jiujiang city human resources and Social Security bureau all appealed against the verdict. On the afternoon of July 17, 2020, Qu Jianghuan sued The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuning County, The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jiujiang City and the Wenguangxin Tourism Bureau of Wuning County for refusing to accept him. The second instance of the case was held in Jiujiang Middle Court. During the court hearing on the same day, whether Qu Jianghuan met the admission requirements became the focus of debate in the court. Trial this year on July 17, wuning county people club bureau for preliminary qualification, the examination candidates shortlisted list eight months after that QuJiangHuan inconsistent "professional", qualification review of unqualified explained: "in the meantime we know two professional related, so after such a long time finally decided to their professional, disqualification."

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