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       Applicants should fill in the registration information in the registration link and upload photos (electronic photo of their recent 2 inch front id, JPG format, size less than 30KB). Candidates who fill in the attachment should also upload the corresponding letter of commitment in the form of pictures (vertical version, face, overall clear picture, JPG format, less than 500KB). 2. Query the review results. After the applicants submit the registration information, the preliminary examination will be completed within 24 hours. The preliminary examination time of the last day of registration will end at 12:00 on August 15. Please pay attention to the examination result of the registration information in time. Those who pass the preliminary examination shall not apply for other posts; Those who fail may apply for other positions within the registration period. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the applicant fails to meet the requirements of the post he/she is applying for or practices fraud, his/her examination and application qualification will be cancelled at any time.   Applicants who pass the qualification examination shall hold their id CARDS and admission tickets to attend the follow-up admission examination. The assessment items include physical examination, political examination, physical examination and adaptability test, psychological test and interview. (1) Medical examination. It shall be carried out in a designated general hospital at or above the municipal level with reference to the standards for Medical Examination of eligible Citizens set forth in the "Standards for Medical Examination of Eligible Citizens". Those who fail to pass the physical examination shall not be admitted. Before the physical examination, each municipal fire and rescue detachment shall use the online registration system to download and print the Physical Examination Form of National Comprehensive Fire and rescue Team Firefighter Recruitment, and distribute it uniformly on the day of physical examination. If the applicant disagrees with the result of the physical examination and applies for a reexamination, the provincial office of admission and the health department at the same level may conduct a reexamination after joint study. The result of the physical examination shall be subject to the reexamination conclusion. The items that can affect the examination results by taking drugs or other therapeutic means shall not be reexamined, and the preliminary examination conclusion shall be the final conclusion. In view of the special requirements of fire rescue work, those who have been assessed as disabled and have a record of treatment for serious injuries and injuries are not suitable for fire rescue work shall not be admitted.

      The famous modern philosopher Wittgenstein once said: "Once the new way of thinking is established, many old problems will automatically disappear." Things are so changeable that any idea of constancy will eventually lag behind the change of things, resulting in many problems that limit development. It is the same with the development of manufacturing industry. The technological progress of each era will lead the manufacturing industry to break through bottlenecks and achieve innovative development. If the thinking cannot keep pace with The Times, it will be left out of the team of leaders. In today's deepening of reform, only innovation in the way of thinking, can move towards a manufacturing power. Third, the conclusion: summarizes the full text. Therefore, only through innovative thinking can we change the setting sun from "made in China" to "created in China", speed to Chinese quality, transform Chinese products into Chinese brands, and make China a leading manufacturer in the world. The time for the qualification review is August 15, 2020. Please report to the Rotation Training Brigade of Jilin Exit and Entry Border Inspection Station at 1077 Jinxin Street, Jingyue Economic Development Zone, Changchun city, Jilin Province on August 8, 2020 (see Annex 4 for map). If the applicant fails to register within the time limit without the consent of the applicant, he/she shall be deemed to have given up the interview qualification. (3) The registration form for the examination (stick a good photo, truthfully, fill in the personal study, work experience, time must be continuous, and indicate whether each stage of learning on-the-job learning, what kind of educational background and degree obtained). Candidates with military service experience shall provide the Certificate of Discharge from Active Service for Conscripts of the People's Liberation Army (or the Certificate of Discharge from Active Service for Conscripts of the People's Armed Police Force) uniformly produced by the Ministry of National Defense. According to the business unit personnel management ordinance "measures for the implementation of institution open recruitment staff of hainan province, according to the sanya municipal party committee organization department regarding the zhuhai province hiring of college student village official examination recruitment work in district staff notice (three sets of words [2020] no. 108) documentation requirements, now 2015 and in 2016 the province unified arrangement to the hiring rural development of our service and on-the-job assessment of college student village official orientation is currently looking for a business unit staff. The announcement of relevant matters is as follows: Applicants shall carefully read the recruitment announcement and the recruitment position information form, take the examination according to their personal conditions, and fill in the Registration Form for the Staff of Public Institutions engaged in the Directional Assessment recruitment in 2020 in Jiyang District, Sanya city (Attachment 2) with relevant information in a truthful, comprehensive and accurate manner. Interview with the admission ticket and id card to take the test. The content of the interview is trial presentation and defense, which mainly inspects the candidates' basic education and teaching quality, professional knowledge, teaching ability, appearance and oral expression ability. The full score for the interview is 100, and 60 is the passing mark. Those below 60 will not be admitted. The list of interviewees, interview time, place and other relevant matters will be released through China shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public account. According to the order of the total score from high to low, according to the post plan 1:1 ratio to determine the physical examination personnel. The overall score of the candidates is determined according to the interview score from high to low. If the results of the interview are also tied, the way of interview and test will be adopted to determine who will take the physical examination. If the applicant is disqualified for employment due to unqualified physical examination, voluntary abstention, fraud or other reasons, the vacancy shall be filled according to the overall score. The specific list of physical examination personnel and the time and place of physical examination will be released on the shenyang personnel network and huishenghua WeChat public account.  


      A) The canteen of the company, as an accessory place specially designed for employees to arrange and provide food and drinks during work, is within the scope of effective management of the company and is A reasonable extension of the workplace. In addition, although dining in the canteen of the company does not belong to the direct performance of work responsibilities, but the dining behavior is the premise of continuing to carry out the normal work, so it can be identified as engaged in preparatory work related to the work. So a in the company canteen dining accidentally fall, should be identified as a work-related injury. (3). The persons who have passed the medical examination shall be inspected by way of political examination. The content of political examination is mainly to investigate the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, study and work performance, family planning, law abiding and so on, and to verify the personnel archives, comprehensively investigate whether the candidates meet the qualifications for entry, the registration information and relevant materials are true, accurate and so on. The inspection time will be announced later. The personnel to be hired shall be determined according to the physical examination, investigation, graduation certificate, degree certificate and relevant qualification certificates required, and the list of the personnel to be hired shall be published on the website of the People's Government of Ding 'an County for 7 days. Those who have objections to the publicizing personnel can report to the relevant supervisory departments within the public period, and the delay will not be accepted. (III) Recruitment posts: See the Information Table of The Dispatched Teachers' Posts for Social Recruitment in Shenyang North New Area in 2020 (Annex 1) for details. 3. In principle, applicants should be above 18 years of age and below 35 years of age, and the specific age shall be calculated from the date of registration, i.e. from August 12, 1984 (inclusive) to August 11, 2002 (inclusive). The specific qualifications for the posts are shown in the Post Information Table of Dispatched Teachers for Social Recruitment in 2020 of Shenyang North New Area (Annex 1). Among them, the fresh graduates of 2020 who meet the specific qualifications of the recruitment positions and have not obtained the graduation certificate or degree certificate at the end of the registration period can register and take the examination in advance, but they must obtain it before employment, and submit the Letter of Commitment of the Fresh Graduates of 2020 (Annex 2). 【 Commentary 】 On August 11, many areas in Sichuan province were affected by heavy rainfall. Released in the afternoon, the sichuan first rainstorm orange alert in nearly seven years, sichuan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters launched Ⅲ level of flood control and emergency response. Some roads and tunnels in Beichuan County, Mianyang city, Sichuan province, were disrupted from Monday evening to Thursday morning. Debris flow disaster occurred in dege and Luding of Ganzi Prefecture. One person was killed and six others were injured when two tourist buses crashed into rocks at 7 PM Tuesday in Shangsizhai, Zhangza Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture. Falling rocks smashed the windshields of the buses. According to telephone reports from Ya 'an city and relevant districts and counties, six people have died and five are missing in The city. The flood level at The Duoyingping Station on the Qingyi River is 589.5 meters, exceeding the highest level ever recorded. At present, fire fighters, medical workers and other rescue forces have entered the disaster area, transfer, treatment of the affected people, the detailed disaster is further statistical verification.

      The candidate shall arrange the accommodation and food during the interview and test by himself/herself at his/her own expenses. Candidates are requested to prepare for the interview in advance, arrange transportation and accommodation, and pay attention to safety. (5) During the interview and test, the relevant information and notice shall be issued on the special website of the exam and the telephone notification by the staff of the main station. If the candidates have any questions, please call us for advice (0871-64025499, 5498). I would like to remind you to beware of impersonating the staff of the main station to avoid being deceived. (vi) In order to ensure the fairness, fairness and transparency of the job interview, physical examination and physical fitness assessment, we welcome and consciously accept the supervision of the majority of candidates, parents and all sectors of the society, and supervise the reporting telephone number 0871-64025517.   Qu jianghuan's life was also suspended because of the incident. In the past three years, Qu Went through 3 court hearings and 5 courts in order to protect his rights. Moreover, he went to the people's social Security bureau at the municipal and county levels for countless times. Having never had a regular job, he worked three or four months a year at most, mostly as a day laborer, building roads and the like. "Wherever there is road repair in Wuning, I will go there. This year I have no income for half a year, and I often have to rely on my parents for living subsidies. At present, I am preparing at home B) A sense of security in a cave. C) a sense of security in a narrow space. It is a foregone conclusion that the world economic order will undergo major changes. The following text mainly emphasizes the reasons for the foregone conclusion. Therefore, a transitional sentence should be filled in the line. In fact, the crisis did not come by accident. It was A foregone conclusion that the world economic order would change dramatically.  

      This post selection is open to the full allocation institutions of rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Xinghua Village, Qingfeng, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets). In the "age" condition, "under the age of 35" is "born after August 18, 1984", and the rest of the calculation of age is the same. Work experience requirements, based on full years, until December 31, 2020. If the working unit changes and the time is interrupted, the working time in different units may be calculated cumulatively. The registration time is from August 18 to August 20, 2020 (8:00-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM). No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Registration place: Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Public Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.  This post selection is open to the full allocation institutions of rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Xinghua Village, Qingfeng, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets). In the "age" condition, "under the age of 35" is "born after August 18, 1984", and the rest of the calculation of age is the same. Work experience requirements, based on full years, until December 31, 2020. If the working unit changes and the time is interrupted, the working time in different units may be calculated cumulatively. The registration time is from August 18 to August 20, 2020 (8:00-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM). No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Registration place: Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Public Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. (3) In accordance with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control, candidates should strictly observe the relevant national regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and accept the health code check and temperature measurement at the corresponding link of recruitment. Only those who pass the health code green and temperature measurement can enter this link. If the candidate's health code is "non-green" and the candidate fails to pass the temperature measurement, a negative test certificate shall be provided within 7 days, and the candidate shall be sent to the local medical staff Score and above for pass, according to the comprehensive result from high to low order to determine the physical examination candidate. Those who fail in the interview will not be given a comprehensive score and will not be admitted to the physical examination. If the comprehensive score is the same, the one with the highest written score will be the first. If the written test results are still the same, the higher score of comprehensive Basic Knowledge will be the priority. If the test results are still the same, the candidates will be admitted to the physical examination at the same time and will be admitted according to the physical examination and investigation. Of the public. The public announcement includes the name, gender, employer or graduate school of the person to be hired, as well as the release of the phone number for public supervision. After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the regulations. To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If it is difficult to verify the reported problems for the time being, the employment will be suspended and the decision on whether to hire will be made after the investigation.

       1. Send an email to 3320141648@qq.com with the subject format of "㗃—㗠(name) confirms to attend the 㗃—㗠position interview at Yunnan Exit and Entry Border Inspection Station". 2. Submit information and upload photos online from 9:00 on August 24 to 17:00 on August 27, 2020. Log in the Luoyang Personnel examination net, enter the online registration system according to the website prompt, fill in and save the registration application according to the requirements. After the registration application is saved, the registration system will automatically generate and feedback a registration serial number. The registration serial number is an important basis for applicants to confirm registration, download and print the admission ticket, etc., please keep it properly. Online payment time: 9:00 on August 24 to 17:00 on August 28, 2020. Those who have passed the preliminary examination of their qualifications shall not apply for other posts, nor shall they modify any information. Those who have not performed the review or have not passed the review may apply for another position before the deadline for submission of information (17:00, August 27). After the submission deadline (17:00, August 27), all candidates cannot register for other positions (personal information cannot be modified). Above, and can meet the continuous recording of two and a half hours of electricity. Before the exam, look around the exam environment with the front-facing camera of the mobile device, then fix the mobile device to the position where the examinee's desktop, examinee's computer desktop, surrounding environment and examinee's behavior can be photographed, and pass the exam after the exam. Intelligence test pass & throughout; The mobile terminal confirms that all the supporting videos have been uploaded successfully. The examination environment for candidates should be a quiet place with sufficient light, closed, free from other people and outside interference. No books or video materials should be placed in the place. The shooting Angle and sitting position of the camera should be adjusted to ensure that the upper body can be in the shooting range of the computer. Candidates are not allowed to use filters and other devices that may cause serious distortion. Their makeup should not be exaggerated. They are not allowed to cover their face (masks are not allowed) and headphones are not allowed.  

      Please keep the communication smooth and pay attention to the announcement of the personnel Department website. The interview. The interview mainly examines the applicant's ideological and moral character, physical and mental health, professional image, professional ability and quality, academic research level, career development potential, etc. The interview consists of two parts: leaderless group discussion and structured interview. The proportion of each part in the interview results shall be used to determine the candidates for physical examination. The physical examination candidate shall attend the physical examination (including reexamination) at the designated time and hospital. Those who do not take the physical examination are regarded as giving up their qualifications automatically. The physical examination methods and standards are in accordance with the Implementation Rules of Physical Examination for Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (trial) (Guangdong People's Society development)      After the registration begins, the qualification of the candidates shall be examined. The proportion between the number of qualified persons and the quota to be selected and transferred shall not be less than 5:1. If it fails to reach the stipulated proportion, the number of selected quotas shall be reduced accordingly. 1. The written test. The written test will be conducted from 9:00-12:00 a.m. on September 12, 2020. Please refer to the admission ticket and test instructions for the specific test venue and related requirements. No further telephone notification will be made. It mainly tests the comprehensive quality of policy theory level, party rules and discipline knowledge, ability to analyze and solve practical problems, writing ability and so on. Applicants are required to take the written examination with the same valid identification and admission ticket as at the time of registration. 2. The interview. The interview announcement is announced in Suzhou discipline inspection and supervision network, Suzhou personnel examination network. According to the written test scores, the candidates for the interview will be determined from high to low scores. The ratio of the candidates for the interview to the number of planned positions is 3:1. If the proportion is insufficient, it shall be determined according to the actual number of people. If more than one candidate has the same written test result, he will be selected for the interview. The interview tests the basic qualities and abilities required to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. The interview time, place and relevant requirements will be notified separately.

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