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        On the same day, nanming District veterans Affairs bureau staff called on the entire region's veterans to carry forward the spirit of soldiers not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, and actively participate in the national civilized city rectification work. The veterans who attended the launching ceremony said that they would interpret their outstanding character of being brave, good, pioneer and model with practical actions, and strive to win the national civilized city for Guiyang. Malaga & throughout; Make a contribution. On August 10, volunteers of the region's ex-servicemen went to various villages (streets) to provide civilized voluntary services, helping to build civilized homes by carrying out activities such as cleaning up the environment and persuading people to behave uncivilized. & other; Now the egg price is very transparent, a piece of eggs wholesale price, in the farm is 170 yuan to 180 yuan, wholesalers wholesale out, generally around 190 yuan, a piece of profit is also between 5 yuan to 10 yuan, basically depends on the amount. Throughout the &; Yang Yang said that last year, a piece of eggs paid 280 yuan, the current price is far from reaching the level at that time. As for whether the price of eggs will continue to rise, the farmer believes that the trend of the egg market this year is largely due to the impact of the epidemic, and is related to the large amount of eggs stored in cold storage, especially from March to the end of May. In the future, whether the price of eggs will rise depends on the quantity of eggs stored in the refrigerator. If the quantity is large, the price of eggs will not go much better.  

      Heilongjiang, henan, jiangxi, guangdong, yunnan, Tibet and qinghai provinces (area), through the province (area) committee, the standing committee meeting, the province (area) government executive meeting, the province (area) government enlarged meeting of the party group, communicate learning xi general secretary of the recent important speech and the central related conference spirit, study the deployment of the implementation of the work, promptly formulated provinces & other; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning. These meetings are basically around. 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning work started, proposed to strengthen forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, overall promotion, deep understanding, accurate grasp & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; The general requirements, important principles, methods and paths of promoting economic and social development in this period, and the establishment of high standards and high quality. 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning. At the same time, the villages and towns, streets office also in view of the outstanding problems exist, hanging out combat map, discharge schedule, focus on the problem, the national civilized city rectification works combined with living environment improvement and so on work, for the creation, from the finest point, further increase the intensity of urban and rural environmental renovation, the back streets, key parts such as the farmer's market, and People's Daily habits and so on under the foot & other; Embroidery skills. We should start from the practical work, handle practical matters of public concern and social concern, and continuously enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security. Citizens are the founders of civilization and the beneficiaries of urban civilization. We will mobilize the public to support and participate in the creation of creative works, which will provide creative writing with inexhaustible driving force and vigorous vitality. Collection for days, in order to speed up the example in civilized city to create power, the communist youth league huaxi district party committee actively organize the broad masses of youth into jurisdiction main traffic road, park scenic area, residential area, etc., to carry out the guide pedestrians civilizations across the road, to provide services for tourists in need, clean sanitation, etc. Series of volunteer service activities, create a civilized city should be sharing thick atmosphere, vigorously promote learning lei feng volunteer service normalization, make & other; Volunteer for something, volunteer for nothing. Become a social habit; The District Civilization Practice Center organizes more than 200 party members and street volunteers to carry out civilized traffic guidance and civilized publicity and education around the traffic junctions and Huaxi Park with large population in the city. 3, 000 volunteers were organized to carry out household publicity, health action and ldquo in each civilization practice. Advocate a new style of civilization. & other; Civilization and health have you and me. Themed publicity activities to guide the masses to actively participate in the construction, co-governance and sharing of civilized cities, consciously develop the awareness of caring for environmental health and advocating civilized new customs; Gaopo township also organized more than 40 volunteers to travel around villages, using bilingual speakers in Miao and Chinese to publicize the public welfare message of civilized city and call on everyone to actively participate in the rectification work of civilized city. Volunteers with warm service and warm words and deeds of the people around them, become a beautiful scenery in the streets of Huaxi. The volunteers were divided into two groups and promoted civilized behavior in various forms. To residents and friends to issue a set of citizens to a friend, civilization raises the dog, garbage sorting and other promotional materials, promoting residents friends consciously stop spitting, littering, painting, damage the public property of the scribble, crossing the road, the grass, cordless walking the dog, and uncivilized behavior, such as pet defecate indiscriminately form good behavior standards; Another group of singing lovers sang "Civilization I come" in the square. We call on all of us to act together and become conscious practitioners of civilization. 

      One by one, one by one, in the reform and reform of civilized city, Wudang district. Details & throughout; Quality, to & ldQuo; Pain points throughout the &; To progress, persist. Create for the people and benefit the people. , so that the masses in the changes around, constantly improve the sense of happiness brought by the establishment of a civilized city.  Second, we will accelerate the development of consumption-oriented infrastructure and promote both investment and consumption growth. With a view to meeting, guiding and creating consumer demand and with the focus on strengthening weak links, we will accelerate the development of consumption-oriented infrastructure, and encourage investment and consumption to reinforce each other and achieve circular growth. We will promote the distribution of investment in new consumption facilities, accelerate the development of new information infrastructure, mainly 5G networks and artificial intelligence, promote the widespread application of new forms of consumption, new models and new scenarios, and stimulate new consumption demand. Promote the organic linkage of urban and rural cold-chain logistics facilities, and form a whole-process cold-chain logistics system covering the production, processing, transportation, storage and sales of agricultural products, so as to meet residents' demand for high-quality consumption. We will promote infrastructure connectivity within metropolitan areas and city clusters, promote the free flow and market-based allocation of factors of production such as land, labor, capital, technology and data in metropolitan areas, and promote the development of cities as international or regional centers of consumption.  & other; Base take & Lsquo; Company + village collective + Farmer & Rsquo; In the model, the peasant household becomes a shareholder with land. In the first year, the transfer fee is calculated at 500 yuan per mu, and then it increases by 50 yuan per mu every year, and the ceiling is capped at 800 yuan. After the base produces the benefit, the company carries on the guarantee bottom dividend to the masses according to the minimum standard of 500 yuan per mu per year. According to this standard business accounting, the masses have at least 1000 yuan of annual income per mu of land. Throughout the &; Since May, tomatoes, loofah, peppers, green cucumber and other vegetables have been on the market in large Numbers, said Gao Changgui, an official in charge of the Park in Xifeng, guiyang's 25,000-mu high-standard vegetable supply base.


      At the same time, all enterprises shall establish and improve the reporting, monitoring and management system for adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination, set up special institutions and appoint managerial and technical personnel with professional knowledge and organizational capacity to undertake the reporting, monitoring and treatment of adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination in their own units. All enterprises should report to the emergency department of the District Health Bureau and the District CDC in time when they are informed or find adverse reactions that may be related to drug use, and actively cooperate with the vaccination units to investigate, evaluate and deal with adverse reactions of vaccination. The meeting stressed the importance of fully understanding the central Committee's major judgments on the current and future development situation, and making every effort to develop new opportunities in the face of crisis and emergency situations. We should not relax our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis without any negligence, further enhance nucleic acid testing capacity, and establish a more rigorous prevention and control system. To build on the momentum, seek improvement in stability to do a good job in the second half of the economic work, the implementation of the new development concept, grasp the reality. Six stability & throughout; & other; Six confirmed & throughout; We will resolutely stabilize the basic fundamentals of the economy, ensure that the quality of the economy is high and that government work is well carried out. We will resolutely win overall victory in poverty alleviation and economic and social development and work with the rest of the country to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. To sum up comprehensively. Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During this period, our province has made historic achievements and accumulated valuable experience, and keenly grasped the important historical opportunity of building a new development pattern with domestic major circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other, according to & LDquo; The five imperatives; Requirements, from the actual situation of Guizhou, adhere to ask for ideas from the people, listen to the opinions of a wide range of serious compilation & LDQUO; 14 or 15 & throughout; We embarked on a new journey of modernization with a plan for development.  The PEOPLE's Political Consultative Conference and other bodies are also on the move. On August 5th solstice 6th, MAO wanchun, chairman of hainan CPPCC, led the provincial CPPCC research group to wanning city to discuss the construction highlights of hainan free trade port. 14 or 15 & throughout; Carry out research on topics such as planning recommendations. In the same two days, Jiangsu CPPCC Chairman Huang Lixin led some members to Changzhou to formulate the national economic and social development of Jiangsu province. 14 or 15 & throughout; To plan and conduct research on special topics to prepare for the meeting of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPPCC on special topics. After research and communication, we can further implement and push forward on the basis of previous research. On August 4th, tianjin held & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning and research seminar, it is worth noting that before the meeting, tianjin municipal leaders combined in charge of the work. 14 or 15 & throughout; The period of Tianjin economic and social development of the major issues of special investigation. Participants use all day long time communication research achievements, carry out new development concept, promote the party central committee guidelines and policies and major strategic implement, promote the green high quality development, deepening reform and opening up, speed up the development of social undertakings such as general body, innovation social management and safeguard and improve people's livelihood, talk about cognition, problems, countermeasures, to tianjin & other; 14 or 15 & throughout; The development objectives, ideas and measures of the period are put forward.  

      Compared with the external environment faced by the previous two rounds of domestic demand expansion, under the impact of the epidemic, China is not only facing negative economic impacts such as the world economic recession, the sharp contraction of international trade and investment, and the turbulence in the international financial market, but also facing problems such as the obstruction of economic globalization. This has posed unprecedented risks and challenges to China's economic development. It is imperative that a new round of expanding domestic demand not only better respond to the challenge of declining external demand, but also better safeguard the security of China's industrial and supply chains, so as to maintain the stable development of China's economy to the maximum extent. Therefore, the task of expanding domestic demand is heavier this time, and it is required to expand domestic demand from short-term response to short-term response and medium - and long-term strategy    To provide important information support for promoting high-quality development. At present, China's economy is in a critical period of transforming the development pattern, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. Only by finding out the basic national conditions such as total population, structure and distribution in a timely manner, and understanding the structure of human resources, can we more accurately grasp the demand structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure and industrial structure, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality economic development and building a modern economic system. It provides important information support for improving the population development strategy and policy system and promoting long-term balanced population development. Since the sixth national population census in 2010, the internal driving force and external conditions for China's population development have changed significantly and marked an important turning point. The growth momentum of China's total population has weakened, the fluctuation of the working-age population has declined, and the degree of aging has deepened. Carrying out population census, understanding the population growth, labor supply, floating population changes, and understanding the size of the elderly population will help to accurately analyze and judge China's population situation in the future. It is of great significance to adjust and improve the population policy, promote the optimization of population structure, and promote the improvement of population quality.

      At the meeting, Wang Qiyun awarded the brand of Kaiyang County Business Service Center, and the attending leaders presented the letter of appointment to The investment ambassador of Kaiyang County. County party committee, the county party committee organization department minister Yang Xionggang read out "of the communist party of China mizar agency and staffing committee of the county on the approval of kaiyang Ann business service center", the county party committee standing committee member and secretary of the county commission for discipline inspection jian-bo xiao conveys the kaiyang business environment rectification work plan, deputy county magistrate Xia Shifei is the kaiyang investment preferential policy for instructions. County line 52 units in charge; The principal persons-in-charge of the Party committee and government of each township (town, street); The main person in charge of the county Business Promotion Bureau and all the staff of Kaiyang County Business Service Center; The main person in charge of three state-owned enterprises affiliated to the county; Representatives of 9 financial institutions; Representatives from 262 enterprises in various fields attended the meeting. On August 11, the author was informed at the kaiyang County 2020 Opening up and Optimizing business environment conference that the county issued the "Kaiyang County Investment Promotion Preferential Policy (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Preferential Policy"). It is understood that the introduction of the preferential Policy is aimed at encouraging and attracting foreign investors to invest in Kaiyang, encouraging and guiding existing enterprises to expand production and increase efficiency, further consolidating the industrial foundation, optimizing the industrial structure, focusing on strengthening weak links, strengthening the chain, zhuang industry, and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Kaiyang county. The "preferential policy" in the process of develop, mizar county and the county government attaches great importance to, multiple deployment project meeting research, strengthen the top-level design, fully absorb the good experience of both advanced area, and a symposium held by entrepreneurs, and other forms for many times for public opinion, listen to the opinions and Suggestions of entrepreneurs extensively, launched after revising.   To better implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand in the new round, we should focus on expanding and strengthening the domestic market, follow the trend of consumption upgrading, strengthen investment in infrastructure and industrial chains, expand the scale and level of consumption, expand the capacity of the domestic market, and make the domestic market more attractive to international industries, enterprises and resource factors. First, we will promote the upgrading of the consumption-oriented industrial chain and unleash the potential of investment and consumer demand. In order to meet consumer demand, we will combine the expansion of domestic demand with the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and combine supply with demand to expand and strengthen the domestic market. Specific terms, to intensify investment in innovative industry, high quality products, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the domestic industrial structure adjustment and enhance our capacity for independent innovation and brand construction, support advanced manufacturing industry and a variety of new industries, new model and new business development, increase supply high quality products and services, meet the residents' effective demand; We should increase investment in the industrial chain, reduce excess production capacity of intermediate products, and encourage key industries to extend the industrial chain from intermediate products to final demand-oriented industries in the direction of China's industrial development. We will promote open and high-quality development of the service sector, improve the quality of supply of the service sector, and consider relaxing market access restrictions for tourism, culture, health, elderly care and other service sectors, so as to improve the quality and level of development of the service sector and better meet consumer demand for services.

      At present, all the 492 tons of vegetables picked at the base in the early stage have been sold out, with a total sales volume of 1.06 million yuan. These vegetables are not only guaranteed to be local in Guiyang. Vegetable basket & throughout; Besides supply, also sold to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places. & other; The picking period of the base will end in early September, when the total output value is expected to reach more than 7 million yuan. Throughout the &; Gao changgui said that on average, the base needs more than 400 workers a day from nearby villagers, especially poor people, and the base gives priority to them. For example, Zhu Yongxin, vice chairman of the Central Committee for People's Advancement and a professor at soochow University's New Education Research Institute, has taken into account that by 2020, the country will have completed the task of poverty alleviation, and related concepts and educational poverty alleviation policies and measures will have to be withdrawn or adjusted. In view of this, the relevant departments should be based on the new situation and characteristics, a good plan. 14 or 15 & throughout; The contents and projects of educational support for wisdom and spirit in the period. Zhang Yong, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that at present, China is still in the stage of ecological civilization construction climbing over the obstacle, we should do well. 14 or 15 & throughout; And the medium - and long-term energy conservation work plan, to promote China's energy efficiency continued to improve, leapfrog and catch up.   RGL association deputy secretary-general Chen Shihua, said in July 2020, along with our country as a whole to promote COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development has achieved positive results, economic operation overall recovery continues to improve, especially in promoting consumption policies, market main body to speed up the pace of complex business shutdown, residents go out orderly increase consumption, market dynamics, stepping up market sales continue to improve. Under this background, automobile production and sales continued the recovery momentum since the second quarter, and maintained a good running trend. & other; Big companies are doing well. Throughout the &; Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely Automobile sold 105,000 units in July, up 15% year on year. Great Wall motor's sales at home and abroad were successful, with a total of 78,300 units sold, up 30 per cent year on year, of which 6,300 were exported in July, up 75 per cent month-on-month.

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