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       Sun pointed out that the CPC Central Committee is keenly aware of the current domestic and international situation and has made a major strategic decision to build a new development pattern with the major domestic and international cycles as the main body, which is of rich connotation and far-reaching significance and brings great opportunities for us to speed up high-quality development. We should seize opportunities, be good at creating new opportunities in the midst of crisis and changing circumstances, win the battle against poverty with high quality, deepen the rural industrial revolution, actively foster new drivers of industrial development, and strive to realize the digital economy. Six major breakthroughs. We will vigorously promote the innovative development of the service sector, with the focus on tourism. The majority of market entities should speed up the transformation and upgrading to improve their competitiveness, take the main business as the foundation of their foundation, take innovation as the source of driving force, take transformation and upgrading as the key move, stick to the bottom line of quality, make enterprises better, better and stronger, and play a greater role in serving the overall situation of high-quality development of the province and achieve greater development.    

      In recent years, Zhan Yang Heavy Industry with big data to enable innovation and research and development, constantly improve. Soft power & throughout; And & other Hard power & throughout; , constantly increase investment in research and development, improve the level of information and intelligent research and development. Through 3d CAD software, PLM system, CAPP system and other information means, the company has established an intelligent research and development platform for construction machinery, and realized full 3D modeling, computer-aided process design and product life cycle management in product design. In order to further promote research and development ability, promotes the development of high quality, ZhanYang heavy industry has set up a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, provincial technology center, the provincial industrial design center, and provincial engineering mechanical engineering technology research center, set up welding laboratory, electrical laboratory, transmission, remote control laboratory four provincial laboratories. The meeting stressed that guiyang should seize the opportunity of national civilized city rectification, efforts to enhance the urban management of high-tech zone, improve the appearance of the park. In view of the situation found by the municipal inspection team, we should resolutely rectify the situation in place, further strengthen the management of violations and disorderly stop, and establish a long-term management mechanism. To continue to power, keep the work drive, help Guiyang city to win the national civilized city. Malaga & throughout; . However, at the peak of his career, Liu offered to resign. & other; In 2000, I was just 30 years old. I wanted to start my own business in my hometown and bring rich neighbors to my hometown. At that time, the government had policy support for returning to my hometown to start my own business, so I fell in love with it. Moreover, my two children were going to school and wanted to be closer to home. Throughout the &; "Liu Fengsheng said. In June 2002, Liu Fengsheng resigned and returned to ta Shan Village to start his own business. With 12 years of technical accumulation and management experience, he took out the accumulated more than 30,000 yuan, and applied for 30,000 yuan credit loan, using his own house as a production site, purchased simple machinery and equipment, set up Qingzhen Shengfeng furnace factory. In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the previous plenary sessions of the provinces and cities, the thought and action of the cadres of the whole district were effectively unified into the spirit of the Plenary Session, and the spirit of the whole assembly was rooted in guanshanhu District and achieved practical results. On August 10, Guanshanhu district study and implement the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Party central Committee of the spirit of the rotation training class opened, the first phase of the rotation training class students, the district Party school the second phase of the main class students attended the training. It is understood that the study and implementation of the party's fourth Plenary Session of the 19th central Committee of the spirit of the rotation class, will adopt the centralized guidance, group discussion, political theory should know should meet knowledge test and other forms. Starting from August 10, the event will be held in two sessions, each lasting three days and ending on August 19. In order to promote the implementation of the rectification task of civilized city, Huaxi District also combines urban fine management, & LDQUO; The three-sense community. Create, patriotic health movement, improve the level of window services, improve the quality of citizens and other activities, to promote with all one's strength & LDQUO; The hundred schools are fighting hard. , & other Hundreds of hospitals have been attacked. , old residential area renovation, back streets rectification, infrastructure & LDquo; Six net battle. For Guiyang city to strive to win the national civilized city & LDquo; Malaga & throughout; Contribute to huaxi power.

        In March this year, the 2019 business environment ranking of 88 counties (cities, districts and special zones) in Guizhou province was released, and Kaiyang county ranked 75th, down sharply from 29th last year. This is a wake-up call for Kaiyang county to face up to its current situation, and also a start to reverse the situation. Confront the problem and solve it. A special group for obtaining water was established in Kaiyang County, which sorted out the outstanding problems in the evaluation one by one and refined the rectification measures. By optimizing the application and installation of water, the water obtaining links of non-external projects were compressed to 2 and that of external projects to 3. The time for obtaining water is reduced from 17.17 days to a maximum of 4 days, and deficiency acceptance is implemented; The proportion of water expenditure cost is reduced from 17% to 4%, and no charge is charged for related links such as application, exploration and acceptance, which makes enterprises feel the real benefits and convenience.   

      Build a clear city. & ndash; We will improve traffic facilities and equipment, and strengthen inspection and inspection of such facilities and equipment as road markings, barriers and traffic lights in urban areas. Excavate the existing road space, rationally plan the parking berths and temporary parking Spaces for motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and effectively alleviate the situation. Stop disorderly & throughout; & other; Parking difficulty & throughout; Problem; Widely spread & LDQuo; Yield to the zebra crossing. To intensify law enforcement against traffic violations by motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. Build a beautiful city. & ndash; We will work hard to solve hot and difficult issues of public concern, such as mobile street vendors, road occupation, cross-door operations, the disturbance of lampblack to residents, and noise from nighttime construction, and improve the long-term and regular level of urban management. Carry out outdoor advertising signs and ldQuo in the downtown area; Psoriasis & throughout; Special rectification actions have been taken to improve the landscape quality of tourist parks along the road, repair damaged green space, and set up isolation belts and guardrail, so as to further optimize the urban green landscape and realize the full coverage of urban road green space. & other; Thank you very much. There is a big safety hazard for this old pavilion. Now it is more convenient and safe for us to move. Throughout the &; "Said the merchant happily. Idle in the street side of the old pavilion, messy, but also become a big piece of. Barricades & throughout; All the villagers would walk in circles. The removal was widely praised as a way to address the people's concerns.    

      In recent years, qingzhen the community residents in order to improve the quality of life and ideological quality, and improve the urban civilization degree, for the purpose of strengthening infrastructure, active community culture, harmonious interpersonal relationships, etc., carry out all work moves more all-round, effectively promoting the community civilization harmonious progress, improve the well-being of the masses. Walk into qingzhen City shore is still the city, & NBSP; & other; Patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendship; & ndash; & ndash; The bright red propaganda layout of the core socialist values wall is clear and eye-catching. Along with the melodious and comfortable music, the intelligent broadcasting system throughout the community is playing the knowledge of civilization creation and propaganda. The roads and squares of the community are clean and tidy, and the vehicles are placed orderly. & other; Civilized dog breeding. & other; No throwing at high altitudes. Warm tips, everywhere can be seen in the creative culture and health publicity page, so that civilization can be seen everywhere in the community.      

      & other; 14 or 15 & throughout; Period, is Shanxi Province & LDquo; Transition out of the prototype. Therefore, Shanxi puts emphasis on centering on & LDquo; Transition out of the prototype. Layout & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; To ensure that & other; Transition out of the prototype. Important stage strategic objectives in & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; Come true in & LDQuo; 1055 & throughout; Basically realize the transformation, & LDquo; 1065 & throughout; Complete the transformation comprehensively, & LDquo; Take the lead in finding a new way in the transformation development. To ensure that socialist modernization will be realized in step with the whole country by 2035. Jiangxi persists in putting its own development in. Two big picture things. And & other Two hundred years. The space-time dimension of the intersection to think and plan, focus & LDQUO; Demonstrate and be the first to fight. Target positioning and & LDQuo; Five advances; Important requirements, high quality system & LDQUO; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning. Hebei province, on the other hand, emphasizes that it should firmly grasp the overall goal of becoming an economically strong province and a beautiful Hebei province, consciously place itself in the coordinated development pattern of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, identify the strategic direction of development, and scientifically set and measure targets and indicators.     Expanding domestic demand includes expanding investment demand and consumption demand. Investment is intermediate demand, consumption is final demand. Although in the past to expand domestic demand are adopted to expand investment and expanding consumption, but as a result of expanding consumer often need a long-term process, in the short term can't achieve the result of expanding domestic demand by expanding consumption, expanding investment become the main focus of boosting domestic demand, past adopted lay particular stress on basic investment and consumption policies and measures. Compared with the past expansion of domestic demand, consumption has become the primary driving force of China's economic growth for several consecutive years, and the trend of consumption upgrading has been further accelerated. Therefore, at present, China's conditions for expanding consumption are more complete. This time, the main focus of expanding domestic demand should not be on expanding investment, but should pay equal attention to expanding investment and consumption, and strive to promote consumption upgrading.

      In Guaibi Village, gaoshan Red Ecological Agriculture Garden, not far from sunflower Base, is connected with each orchard by landscape paths. Apples and clusters of grapes hang on the branches. While picking fruits, tourists can also barbecue themselves & Hellip; & hellip; In order to increase farmers' income and get rich, Guaibi village also held parent-child interaction experience, entertainment and leisure, featured agricultural products exhibition and marketing activities to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, business and tourism. In recent years, Wudang district revolves around the rural industrial revolution. Eight elements throughout the &; Namely, industrial selection, training of farmers, technical services, fund raising, organizational form, production and marketing docking, interest connection, grass-roots party construction. To strengthen weak points and strong points, to build different types of gardens such as vegetable gardens, orchards and breeding gardens with initial scale into high-quality agricultural industrial bases, and to promote the agricultural industry. More products & throughout; Turn & other; The high-quality goods & throughout; , & other Loose & throughout; Turn & other; Closely & throughout; , & other Single industry & throughout; Turn & other; Polymorphic & throughout; , & other Inefficient & throughout; Turn & other; Efficient & throughout; To create & LDquo; One hundred gardens and one hundred products; Project with wealth.   August 11 is the 11th National Day of mutilation. On the same day, the Physical disability Association of Guanshanhu District Disabled Persons' Federation united Area organized more than 70 people including representatives of physical disabled persons, representatives of senior universities, volunteers and caring people, etc., to carry out the theme & LDQUO; The environment is barrier-free for you and me. Barrier-free experience activities. On the same day, a launching ceremony was held at guiyang Employment Center for the Disabled. After learning the knowledge related to the Regulations on barrier-free Environment Construction, participants were divided into three groups and went to different public places in Guanshan Lake District to experience the activity. Among them, the first group of disabled representatives came to the entrance of Lincheng West Road, used the barrier-free elevator to enter the platform, and under the guidance of the subway staff, took the wheelchair to enter the station through the special lane for disabled people, and went through the security check to feel barrier-free travel. The second group experienced barrier-free access by taking a wheelchair and taking a taxi during peak hours. In the activity, the volunteers successively experienced barrier-free access, anti-skid floor, barrier-free elevator and other facilities in Jinyang Hospital, Guanshanhu Certification Hall and other places. The third group went to Guanshanhu Park to experience barrier-free facilities such as toilets, blind roads, underpasses and footbridges. During the experience, each group also recorded by means of overall description, field measurement and photo taking, so as to promote the improvement of barrier-free facilities in the whole region.  Community is the cell of city and community civilization is the foundation of city civilization. In recent years, Qingzhen Municipal Party Committee and municipal government take cultivating and practicing socialist core values as the main line, and take it as an example. Honest and clean town; The construction is the push hand, excavates the city connotation, remold the city spirit, creates the city brand, concentrates the heart to gather the strength, creates the strong in the whole city. Everybody build, everybody build. The good atmosphere.

      Since wudang district national civilized city rectification crucial work, so far, wudang district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, delimit traffic signs lines, zebra crossing, about 8000 square meters, 4000 square meters of asphalt repair damaged, overhaul and repair stone pavement wink and damaged pavement plate more than 3000 square meters, repel and squatting on city roads or other public venue SheTan the flow of business, selling goods vendor 1779, repel and facade extending strong-arming 746, advised LiLuan stop lying non-motor vehicles 544, advised 478 up from motor vehicle on the pavement, Clean up 101 advertisements and advertising canvas & Hellip; & hellip; On the same day, nanming District veterans Affairs bureau staff called on the entire region's veterans to carry forward the spirit of soldiers not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, and actively participate in the national civilized city rectification work. The veterans who attended the launching ceremony said that they would interpret their outstanding character of being brave, good, pioneer and model with practical actions, and strive to win the national civilized city for Guiyang. Malaga & throughout; Make a contribution. On August 10, volunteers of the region's ex-servicemen went to various villages (streets) to provide civilized voluntary services, helping to build civilized homes by carrying out activities such as cleaning up the environment and persuading people to behave uncivilized.  Xinhua Photo, Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(3) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan holds up his trophy during the award ceremony on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Photo by Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(4) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan wins the race in his car on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters 


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