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           In terms of expanding the areas of support and support, the policy clarifies the identification procedures for senior executives enjoying the talent policy, and rewards all the retained county-level individual income tax of the introduced high-level talents. Senior executives in line with the talent policy can enjoy preferential policies in household registration, children's enrollment, medical security, spouse employment and other aspects. At the same time, we will encourage and guide enterprises to list on the main board, small and medium-sized board and gem board, support small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the New Third Board that are included in the reserve resource pool of provinces, cities and counties, and give different levels of rewards to enterprises that successfully list, list, issue new shares or corporate bonds. The preferential policy also supports the combination of industry, universities and research institutes and the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, encourages enterprises, universities and research institutes to jointly establish technology innovation alliance of phosphorous coal chemical industry, and provides support and subsidies for the establishment of branches and technology transfer centers and other achievement transformation platforms in this county. In addition, the policy is clear, according to the industry development status, current kaiyang to existing enterprise investment, the new rules, make full use of local resources to drive products deep processing project into value-added new project, or invest in large scale, development potential, driving capability, high technology content but was not included in the scope of policies and measures of major projects preferential policies shall be submitted to the county party committee county government execution award measures.

        Now the zebra crossing is very eye-catching, although there is no signal, but the traffic will see the zebra crossing will consciously slow down to stop, we cross the road much safer. Throughout the &; Uncle Wang said. In the past, there were such behaviors as disorderly parking and irregular pedestrians crossing the road in Ma Ling Township. The new paved asphalt roads and zebra crossings have made the streets look brand-new and more orderly. In recent days, the old wooden flower pools have been repainted to wear. New clothes & throughout; . In view of the existence of some streets garbage cans, garbage cans are not standard, the body of the bucket is unclean, the township designated the location of garbage cans, garbage bins. Home & throughout; , not only improves the cleanliness of the street, but also creates a good civilized atmosphere for the villagers, making garbage & LDQUO; Home & throughout; To create a clean and comfortable rural environment.  & other; My home has 4 mu land become a shareholder base, this year's land transfer fee is 550 yuan a mu, the end of the year there are dividends. I also worked at the base, earning more than 100 yuan a day. Throughout the &; 'She used to work outside,' says Ms. Jin. 'After the village had a vegetable base, she went home to work there.' Working at home can kill two birds with one stone as well as earning money and taking care of the family. Throughout the &; The core area of The Xifeng Garden area of guiyang 25000 mu high-standard vegetable guarantee and supply base covers an area of over 4000 mu, involving 10 villages, 61 village groups, 1,593 households and 6,456 people in Shitong Town, including 73 poor households and 212 people.

      August 11 is the 11th National Day of mutilation. On the same day, the Physical disability Association of Guanshanhu District Disabled Persons' Federation united Area organized more than 70 people including representatives of physical disabled persons, representatives of senior universities, volunteers and caring people, etc., to carry out the theme & LDQUO; The environment is barrier-free for you and me. Barrier-free experience activities. On the same day, a launching ceremony was held at guiyang Employment Center for the Disabled. After learning the knowledge related to the Regulations on barrier-free Environment Construction, participants were divided into three groups and went to different public places in Guanshan Lake District to experience the activity. Among them, the first group of disabled representatives came to the entrance of Lincheng West Road, used the barrier-free elevator to enter the platform, and under the guidance of the subway staff, took the wheelchair to enter the station through the special lane for disabled people, and went through the security check to feel barrier-free travel. The second group experienced barrier-free access by taking a wheelchair and taking a taxi during peak hours. In the activity, the volunteers successively experienced barrier-free access, anti-skid floor, barrier-free elevator and other facilities in Jinyang Hospital, Guanshanhu Certification Hall and other places. The third group went to Guanshanhu Park to experience barrier-free facilities such as toilets, blind roads, underpasses and footbridges. During the experience, each group also recorded by means of overall description, field measurement and photo taking, so as to promote the improvement of barrier-free facilities in the whole region.  In Guaibi Village, gaoshan Red Ecological Agriculture Garden, not far from sunflower Base, is connected with each orchard by landscape paths. Apples and clusters of grapes hang on the branches. While picking fruits, tourists can also barbecue themselves & Hellip; & hellip; In order to increase farmers' income and get rich, Guaibi village also held parent-child interaction experience, entertainment and leisure, featured agricultural products exhibition and marketing activities to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, business and tourism. In recent years, Wudang district revolves around the rural industrial revolution. Eight elements throughout the &; Namely, industrial selection, training of farmers, technical services, fund raising, organizational form, production and marketing docking, interest connection, grass-roots party construction. To strengthen weak points and strong points, to build different types of gardens such as vegetable gardens, orchards and breeding gardens with initial scale into high-quality agricultural industrial bases, and to promote the agricultural industry. More products & throughout; Turn & other; The high-quality goods & throughout; , & other Loose & throughout; Turn & other; Closely & throughout; , & other Single industry & throughout; Turn & other; Polymorphic & throughout; , & other Inefficient & throughout; Turn & other; Efficient & throughout; To create & LDquo; One hundred gardens and one hundred products; Project with wealth.  Qingzhen Government affairs Center invested 72,000 yuan to equip all townships (towns and streets) with relevant general office equipment, and dispatched staff to guide each township to set up the standard & LDQUO; The whole city is in general operation. Window. At present, qingzhen city between the township, township (town) between, through all lines of business open. In the process of connecting the service items with GUI 'an New District, Qingzhen city found that the notary service organization has not been established in GUI 'an New District, so enterprises and people within the jurisdiction area need to go to Qingzhen, Huaxi, Pingba and other places for notarial business. It is very inconvenient for the masses to handle affairs, and some tasks cannot be handled within ten days or half a month. Led by the two government affairs centers, The Notary Office of Qingzhen Government Affairs Hall reached an agreement with the judicial department of Guian New District. The Notary Office of Qingzhen City will send someone to set up a notarization window in Guian New District to handle the notarization business of Guian New District. Since May 26, Qingzhen has handled 68 notarization services for Guian New District.

       To better implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand in the new round, we should focus on expanding and strengthening the domestic market, follow the trend of consumption upgrading, strengthen investment in infrastructure and industrial chains, expand the scale and level of consumption, expand the capacity of the domestic market, and make the domestic market more attractive to international industries, enterprises and resource factors. First, we will promote the upgrading of the consumption-oriented industrial chain and unleash the potential of investment and consumer demand. In order to meet consumer demand, we will combine the expansion of domestic demand with the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and combine supply with demand to expand and strengthen the domestic market. Specific terms, to intensify investment in innovative industry, high quality products, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the domestic industrial structure adjustment and enhance our capacity for independent innovation and brand construction, support advanced manufacturing industry and a variety of new industries, new model and new business development, increase supply high quality products and services, meet the residents' effective demand; We should increase investment in the industrial chain, reduce excess production capacity of intermediate products, and encourage key industries to extend the industrial chain from intermediate products to final demand-oriented industries in the direction of China's industrial development. We will promote open and high-quality development of the service sector, improve the quality of supply of the service sector, and consider relaxing market access restrictions for tourism, culture, health, elderly care and other service sectors, so as to improve the quality and level of development of the service sector and better meet consumer demand for services. In 2008, China's per capita GDP reached over us $3,000, the urbanization rate was close to 50%, the level of infrastructure was significantly improved, and consumption of household appliances, automobiles and housing was gradually popularized. Although measures such as expanding investment in infrastructure and industries, and encouraging the consumption of housing, automobiles and household appliances have well expanded domestic demand and stabilized economic growth, the effect of expanding domestic demand has been significantly reduced compared with 1998, which has subsequently led to overcapacity and other problems. The new round of expanding domestic demand and expand domestic demand before the fundamental difference is that: our country's economy has been developed from high quality development stage of rapid growth stage, our country has become the world's second-largest economy, manufacturing the first big country, the first big trade in goods, the consumption of the second largest country, China's per capita GDP has more than $10000 in 2019, the industrial system and infrastructure is relatively perfect, but it also faces the challenge of supply side structural problems are more and more prominent. At this stage, if the expansion of domestic demand is focused on demand-side management and the short-term policy effect is emphasized, the effect of the expansion of domestic demand may not be obvious, but may also exacerbate the overcapacity. The expansion of domestic demand, therefore, is to take short-term fiscal and monetary policy to stimulate demand for investment or consumption demand at the same time, should be focused on by deepening the reform of supply side structural, do big domestic market capacity, the formation of matching demand and supply, coordination between investment and consumption of a higher level, a higher level, more diversity in the domestic market.  In March this year, the 2019 business environment ranking of 88 counties (cities, districts and special zones) in Guizhou province was released, and Kaiyang county ranked 75th, down sharply from 29th last year. This is a wake-up call for Kaiyang county to face up to its current situation, and also a start to reverse the situation. Confront the problem and solve it. A special group for obtaining water was established in Kaiyang County, which sorted out the outstanding problems in the evaluation one by one and refined the rectification measures. By optimizing the application and installation of water, the water obtaining links of non-external projects were compressed to 2 and that of external projects to 3. The time for obtaining water is reduced from 17.17 days to a maximum of 4 days, and deficiency acceptance is implemented; The proportion of water expenditure cost is reduced from 17% to 4%, and no charge is charged for related links such as application, exploration and acceptance, which makes enterprises feel the real benefits and convenience.

       Xinhua Photo, Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(1) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan celebrates at the award ceremony on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Photo by Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(2) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan (left) celebrates after winning the race on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Chinese President and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has made important instructions to curb food waste. He pointed out that the phenomenon of food waste, shocking, sad! & other; Who knows the food on the plate, every grain is hard. Throughout the &; Despite the bumper harvest in China's food production, we should always be aware of the crisis in food security. This year, the impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic has been a wake-up call for us.  Sun pointed out that the CPC Central Committee is keenly aware of the current domestic and international situation and has made a major strategic decision to build a new development pattern with the major domestic and international cycles as the main body, which is of rich connotation and far-reaching significance and brings great opportunities for us to speed up high-quality development. We should seize opportunities, be good at creating new opportunities in the midst of crisis and changing circumstances, win the battle against poverty with high quality, deepen the rural industrial revolution, actively foster new drivers of industrial development, and strive to realize the digital economy. Six major breakthroughs. We will vigorously promote the innovative development of the service sector, with the focus on tourism. The majority of market entities should speed up the transformation and upgrading to improve their competitiveness, take the main business as the foundation of their foundation, take innovation as the source of driving force, take transformation and upgrading as the key move, stick to the bottom line of quality, make enterprises better, better and stronger, and play a greater role in serving the overall situation of high-quality development of the province and achieve greater development.

      At present, volunteers can be seen everywhere in the street area of Daying Road, no matter in front of bus stations, hospitals, bank lobbies and zebra crossings. A green ribbon, a piece of red vest, together converged into & LDquo; Watch civilization & NBSP; Transmit harmony. Beautiful scenery line. The meeting stressed that style building is an important prerequisite for optimizing the business environment. It is necessary to adhere to the problem-oriented approach, establish a direct feedback mechanism for enterprise problems, continue to focus on key issues, and resolutely. Strong-arm reaction & throughout; To further deepen the rectification of work style; We should focus on the key minority of leading cadres, adhere to the combination of points, lines and surfaces, unblock all kinds of channels, strengthen open and covert investigation, strictly ask questions about accountability and effectiveness, and resolutely do it. Zero tolerance & throughout; ; Keep your focus on key positions. Cut the mustard. We are determined to do our best to ensure that quality and efficient services become the norm.     

      & other; Now egg prices, which had fallen, are coming back. Throughout the &; Dongshan's largest egg wholesaler said that because small eggs are hard to sell, she now sells mostly medium and large eggs. Among them, medium eggs are now 16 yuan to 18 yuan per plate, which is calculated as 0.53 yuan to 0.6 yuan per plate, and large eggs are sold at 20 yuan per plate. In interviews, some egg merchants in Guiyang said that August is the peak month for egg consumption every year. With the coming of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the purchase volume increases, and the egg price may continue to rise. However, some egg producers believe that if the supply of eggs still exceeds demand without a full recovery of demand, the increase may still be difficult to reach the previous year's level.  It is understood that the development & LDquo; Summer brings coolness. Activities are important measures taken by trade unions at all levels to carry out the worker-oriented, care about the lives of workers and promote safe production. In recent years, the General Association of Xifeng County always adhere to & LDquo; Put people first. The concept of, every year hot summer season to timely cool and care to the hands of workers, promote the majority of workers awareness of heat cooling and self-protection ability, to ensure that the masses of workers cool, safe summer, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure safety and production. According to the data, from January to July this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 496,000 and 486,000, down 31.7 percent and 32.8 percent, respectively, from the same period last year, the decline continued to narrow compared to the January to June period. But to meet the 1.1m sales target, 614,000 new energy vehicles will need to be sold over the next five months, or an average of 122,800 vehicles a month. & other; We hope local governments will introduce more policies that will benefit more people and be more stable, and ensure their implementation as soon as possible. Throughout the &; Chen said industry enterprises should pay close attention to changes in the domestic market, the introduction and implementation of national and local policies, timely adjust the pace of production and operation, and steadily promote high-quality development of enterprises. Since the strategy of expanding domestic demand was put forward in 1998, although we have taken expanding domestic demand as the basic foothold and long-term strategic guideline for promoting economic development for more than 20 years, expanding domestic demand has been mainly a short-term strategy to deal with the crisis, with the main purpose of making up for the shortage of external demand and maintaining economic growth. After the crisis, with the continuous progress of economic globalization, external demand gradually picked up, and the focus of economic development changed, so that expanding domestic demand became a phased response to the crisis. In the wake of the international financial crisis in 2008, we once again made the strategic decision to respond to the crisis by expanding domestic demand in response to a sharp contraction in external demand and insufficient domestic demand, making China the first country in the world to recover.

      Alex was born in a slum and dropped out of school at a young age because his family was poor. When he first started working on the project, he was just an ordinary lineman. In the work, the project department found that he had rich social experience and strong coordination ability, so they arranged him to participate in some daily foreign affairs coordination work. Today, Alex is a qualified project director, responsible for recruiting for the project department and communicating with local staff. It is reported that the project department has provided nearly 1500 local jobs for more than 3 years. Many local young people are becoming technical backbone in the training. The city of Duekoue has a population of about 100,000. Due to the lack of local economic capacity and municipal supporting facilities, municipal garbage has been piled up in streets for a long time and cannot be dealt with in a timely and effective manner, which seriously affects citizens' life. The project department took the initiative to contact the municipal government and dispatched vehicles to help clear and transport garbage without affecting the daily construction. After a month of thorough cleaning, the city of Duekoue has greatly improved its environment.     

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