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      Li Xiaochao: Since the State Council issued the Notice on the Implementation of the Seventh National Population Census, all regions and departments have worked hard to overcome the impact of COVID-19 and actively promoted the preparations for the census in accordance with the unified deployment of the Leading group of the State Council's population census. Preparations for the seventh national census are progressing smoothly. The establishment of census institutions at all levels, the basic implementation of funds and materials for census, the successful completion of comprehensive trials across the country, and the orderly development of census zoning and household registration have laid a solid foundation for the census registration on November 1. Li: The census is a complete survey. In order to ensure that the census takers are not over-counted, census takers need to visit every household and register the residents. There are two links in the census that require census takers to enter the household, according to the order of time, namely the survey and the registration work. In his speech delivered at the Nixon Library in California, Pompeo made a full smear campaign against China, deliberately distorted the history and reality of China-Us relations and US policy towards China, amplified the differences between China and the US in the field of ideology, and attempted to revive the hostile policy towards China that the US had long abandoned. Pompeo's speech was filled with ideological bias and cold War mentality, ignoring the facts and going his own way, trying to create fear in the hearts of the American people with lies. Such a liar is a politician. American policy toward China. The culprit for the failure. Pompeo and others make waves out of their own self-interest. Lie, cheat, and steal. When Pinocchio played the game, he spared no effort to dig the wall between China and the United States. He did everything in his power to undermine the relations between China and the United States, attempting to drag China and the United States into conflict and confrontation again and push the world back into turmoil and division. It is a series of crazy and dangerous wrong words and deeds by Pompeo and others that have led to the extremely complicated and severe situation in the bilateral relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties. Li Ruonan is the inheritor of the sunflower handicraft making of the Ewenki nationality. At first, making sunflower was just a hobby for her and her partners. "Then the village started folk tourism and many tourists were interested in our sunflower. And we thought, why don't we make some sunflowers and sell them? This will not only increase our income, but also spread ewenki's national culture." She said. Li Ruonan introduces the meaning of sunflower to tourists on Aug. 3. (Photo by Pandey/Bright) A small sunflower ornament, about 30-40 yuan; It's complicated and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Every time he sells a sunflower, Li Ruonan will make records to comb customers' preferences and write down the most popular one, as well as its design and color matching. The picture shows the sunflower finished products made by the students of the ewenki township handicraft training class in Chabaqi on August 3. (Photo by Pandey/Light)   

       Meeting requirements, to tree firm. The enterprise is on the top. , & other Project is king. Concept, focusing on the county phosphorus system new materials, new aluminum-based materials, power batteries, selenium rich ecological food & LDquo; Four industrial chains. To highlight industrial chain investment, focus on the introduction of supporting enterprises, targeted to break through the blocking points, strengthen the weak links, and constantly improve the supporting capacity and overall competitiveness of the industry; We should do everything possible to strengthen the guarantee of factors of production, break land bottlenecks, accelerate the improvement of the supporting capacity of industrial parks, strengthen the guarantee of land and housing for projects in accordance with the law, help enterprises reduce the cost of factors of production, and create good production conditions for enterprises and investors. We should closely link land and output value, profits and taxes, industries and employment, establish and improve management processes, encourage the concentration of production factors and policy dividends among key projects and enterprises, encourage project construction and enterprise innovation, and comprehensively improve resource utilization rate and total factor productivity. To adhere to the consistent, heart with love service enterprises, to quality service & LDquo; Word of mouth & throughout; In exchange for enterprise development & LDQuo; Energy & throughout; , truly escorts the development and growth of enterprises.  For example, Shaanxi Province proposes to closely focus on the work of shaanxi in the new era. The five requirements. Good planning & other 14 or 15 & throughout; Development, calm down to grasp the implementation, do practical work; Tibet Autonomous Region handled it correctly. Thirteen pairs of relationships. As a working method, we should strive to build a sound business environment, further promote the upgrading of consumption in the region, and promote the transformation of the autonomous region from an investment-led economy to an export-oriented and consumption-oriented economy. Tianjin emphasizes, & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; During this period, we should accelerate the implementation. One base three areas. Function positioning, promote the construction of green ecological barrier, create the central city and binhai New Area & LDQUO; The twins & throughout; Development pattern. & other; Irrigation with heart, the town breeze Buddha noodles. In order to effectively solve the problem of community governance and realize the new pattern of joint governance and joint construction and Shared benefits of social governance. Since the beginning of this year, Gongjiazhai Street has been marked with Three feeling & throughout; Community construction as an opportunity to achieve & LDquo; Wo Yue Gong Office & Rdquo; Brand as the goal, serve the masses as the fundamental foothold, heart and feelings to comprehensively promote the transformation of the old residential area, give full play to the residents' autonomy function, successfully realized the improvement of the community governance ability and civilization rectification key. Win-win & throughout; . In order to strengthen the party's leadership of grassroots governance and promote the modernization of urban grassroots governance system and governance capacity, the sub-district Party working Committee has always taken the strengthening of the sub-district leadership group as an important breakthrough point for the development and promotion of community governance capacity, and actively explored the golden idea of leading the exploration of sub-district governance guided by party construction. Put forward to build & LDquo; And & middot; Yue & throughout; Street, create with all your might; Whistling poly, And Yuegong office; The goal of the demonstration site of party construction, with the sub-district Party working committee as the core, has set up the sub-district joint governance committee composed of 30 government organs, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and non-public economic organizations, with a total of 53 members. Let the residents from & ldQuo; Onlookers & throughout; Into & other; Participants throughout the &; To improve the endogenous power of community governance, so that residents regard community management as their own business, so that residents' homes revitalized. In this way, a new system of grassroots governance led by party building is established, and a regional party building pattern of overall planning, combination of lines and blocks and joint construction is formed, striving to achieve. Nothing small comes out of the community, nothing big comes out of the street. A new pattern of social governance at the grassroots level.

      Third, we will strengthen the channels for transferring exports to domestic markets and promote mutual promotion of both domestic and international circulation. We should make it a long-term task to cultivate and expand export channels for domestic sales, strengthen the top-level design of domestic market channels, take advantage of the new development opportunities in the domestic market, and enhance the resilience and flexibility of enterprise development. We will encourage foreign trade production enterprises to make use of big data and the industrial Internet to accurately meet consumption upgrading demands in the domestic market and develop products and brands suitable for domestic demand. We will support foreign trade enterprises in connecting with circulation enterprises and e-commerce platforms. We will make full use of new business forms and models such as online sales, live streaming of goods, and scene experience, so as to expedite the transfer of exports to domestic sales. Strengthen the construction of commodity wholesale system, encourage foreign trade enterprises to cooperate with domestic distributors, rely on distributors to actively carry out marketing, brand agency, sales channel development, big data analysis and other business, improve the domestic market development capacity; We may consider taking measures such as selling processing trade products in China first and then paying taxes in order to reduce the cost of domestic sales and promote the transfer of export products to domestic sales.    At the same time, all enterprises shall establish and improve the reporting, monitoring and management system for adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination, set up special institutions and appoint managerial and technical personnel with professional knowledge and organizational capacity to undertake the reporting, monitoring and treatment of adverse reactions of vaccine vaccination in their own units. All enterprises should report to the emergency department of the District Health Bureau and the District CDC in time when they are informed or find adverse reactions that may be related to drug use, and actively cooperate with the vaccination units to investigate, evaluate and deal with adverse reactions of vaccination.

      In Guaibi Village, gaoshan Red Ecological Agriculture Garden, not far from sunflower Base, is connected with each orchard by landscape paths. Apples and clusters of grapes hang on the branches. While picking fruits, tourists can also barbecue themselves & Hellip; & hellip; In order to increase farmers' income and get rich, Guaibi village also held parent-child interaction experience, entertainment and leisure, featured agricultural products exhibition and marketing activities to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, business and tourism. In recent years, Wudang district revolves around the rural industrial revolution. Eight elements throughout the &; Namely, industrial selection, training of farmers, technical services, fund raising, organizational form, production and marketing docking, interest connection, grass-roots party construction. To strengthen weak points and strong points, to build different types of gardens such as vegetable gardens, orchards and breeding gardens with initial scale into high-quality agricultural industrial bases, and to promote the agricultural industry. More products & throughout; Turn & other; The high-quality goods & throughout; , & other Loose & throughout; Turn & other; Closely & throughout; , & other Single industry & throughout; Turn & other; Polymorphic & throughout; , & other Inefficient & throughout; Turn & other; Efficient & throughout; To create & LDquo; One hundred gardens and one hundred products; Project with wealth.      

      It is understood that there are more than 9,000 disabled people of all kinds in Guanshanhu District, including 500 people with physical disabilities. The experience is aimed at paying attention to the construction and use of barrier-free facilities for the disabled and improving the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled. At the same time, through an in-depth investigation on the construction and use of barrier-free facilities for the elderly and the disabled, the scope of activities for the elderly and the disabled is studied and analyzed, solutions to existing problems are proposed, and reasonable Suggestions are put forward to the relevant district departments, so as to help the rectification of civilized cities across the country. Since wudang district national civilized city rectification crucial work, so far, wudang district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, delimit traffic signs lines, zebra crossing, about 8000 square meters, 4000 square meters of asphalt repair damaged, overhaul and repair stone pavement wink and damaged pavement plate more than 3000 square meters, repel and squatting on city roads or other public venue SheTan the flow of business, selling goods vendor 1779, repel and facade extending strong-arming 746, advised LiLuan stop lying non-motor vehicles 544, advised 478 up from motor vehicle on the pavement, Clean up 101 advertisements and advertising canvas & Hellip; & hellip; The system can be located in a police car in front, left front, left, left rear, right rear and left and right sides of a total of seven surveillance cameras, within the scope of the nearly 360 degrees captured vehicle illegal parking behavior, and can automatically identify, acquisition fail to stop the vehicle plate and illegal photos, video, and implemented in the mobile capture, parked vehicles no room to spare. Two law-enforcement vehicles equipped with mobile illegal capture system will appear on various roads within the jurisdiction from time to time, and real-time capture will be conducted for illegal behaviors of motor vehicles not parked according to regulations. Guiyang traffic when a branch of a squadron mid-team leader Jiang Hongyu introduction, because of the light rail line no. 3 construction reason, the new road section traffic pressure increases gradually, connect the main crossroads and each branch all received the influence of different level, especially the part of the driver fail to stop, stop the vehicle, not only contributed to the road traffic safety hidden trouble, also negative effects on the urban traffic image, guiyang traffic police illegal capture enabled mobile car when bureau, focusing on led driver friend regulate traffic, parking, jointly maintain good wudang district traffic order.  

      In the aspect of strengthening publicity power, Shui 'an Shangcheng Community makes full use of the building elevator rolling play. Advocate a new style of civilization. Public service advertising, and in the community to implement the packaging of household garbage, cleaning fixed point, dustbin facilities  & other; Take the electrical laboratory as an example. Before the establishment of the laboratory, it needs to verify the ideas and design schemes in the early stage, which requires physical objects to carry out. The cycle is very long, and the cost of material resources and human resources are very high. Through the electrical laboratory, the data can be automatically analyzed, the rationality of product development can be verified in advance, and the system can be optimized. Sometimes, less complex product developments can be tested in one go. Throughout the &; "Tan said. Through the empowerment of big data and other technologies, Zanyang Heavy Industry has further realized cost reduction, efficiency improvement and quality improvement, and accelerated the pace of high-quality development. Before, after the design, modeling, analysis, verification, drawing, production and other procedures, the company to produce a complete product needs about one and a half years at most. Today, a new product can be made in as little as three months, with much shorter cycles and lower research and development costs. 

      The PEOPLE's Political Consultative Conference and other bodies are also on the move. On August 5th solstice 6th, MAO wanchun, chairman of hainan CPPCC, led the provincial CPPCC research group to wanning city to discuss the construction highlights of hainan free trade port. 14 or 15 & throughout; Carry out research on topics such as planning recommendations. In the same two days, Jiangsu CPPCC Chairman Huang Lixin led some members to Changzhou to formulate the national economic and social development of Jiangsu province. 14 or 15 & throughout; To plan and conduct research on special topics to prepare for the meeting of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPPCC on special topics. After research and communication, we can further implement and push forward on the basis of previous research. On August 4th, tianjin held & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning and research seminar, it is worth noting that before the meeting, tianjin municipal leaders combined in charge of the work. 14 or 15 & throughout; The period of Tianjin economic and social development of the major issues of special investigation. Participants use all day long time communication research achievements, carry out new development concept, promote the party central committee guidelines and policies and major strategic implement, promote the green high quality development, deepening reform and opening up, speed up the development of social undertakings such as general body, innovation social management and safeguard and improve people's livelihood, talk about cognition, problems, countermeasures, to tianjin & other; 14 or 15 & throughout; The development objectives, ideas and measures of the period are put forward.     Because of his insistence on honest management, In 2004, Liu Fengsheng was awarded 3,000 yuan of honest venture capital by Qingzhen Labor Bureau, and he also enjoyed the credit. Good faith preferential treatment; . In 2013, he applied for an 850,000 yuan credit loan in the bank to expand reproduction, and another 300,000 yuan credit loan in August last year. In the years since he started his business, he has never fallen behind on his loans.

         In response to Ms. Zhang's second reaction, on August 10, yanshan Hongzhen people's government replied again: At 3:50 p.m. on August 7, 2020, the staff of our town came to the scene and found that the brick factory had stopped production. One was that the production equipment had been covered by tarp by itself, and the other was that the illegal steel shed workshop had been dismantled by itself. In the future work, our town will conduct regular inspection of this brick factory, strengthen supervision and prevent the occurrence of this kind of situation. Throughout the &; Yanshan Hongzhen people's government reply to the citizens said. Conduct regular inspections and strengthen supervision to prevent such situations. , and Ms. Zhang reported to guiyang City's online political inquiry platform that the factory didn't stop working until after 8 p.m. on August 7. On August 8 and August 10, from 4pm to 8pm, the brick factory was also making bricks as usual. At 8 a.m. on August 11, the brick factory started making bricks again.   


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