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        We will strengthen policy publicity and guidance. In carrying out their work, local governments should pay attention to policy publicity and interpretation, constantly innovate publicity methods, increase publicity efforts, make good use of new media and new means such as WeChat and weibo, do a good job in guiding public opinion during important nodes such as holidays, actively respond to social concerns, and create a good public opinion environment. In particular, in the context of the normal epidemic prevention and control, local governments should provide overall guidance for epidemic prevention and control and orderly opening of scenic spots, establish and improve reservation systems, and guide tourists to enter the parks at intervals and travel at different peaks. Evaluation should be done before the implementation of temporary preferential policies to prevent passenger flow exceeding the limit. All regions should have real-time and dynamic information about the investigation and evaluation results of ticket supervision and examination in scenic spots within their jurisdiction, the reduction of supporting services, ticket reduction policies and other relevant information, update and review the information, and report timely. Carefully summarize the achievements and existing problems of the past three years' work, and form written materials, and submit them to the National Development and Reform Commission (Price Division) in early December. Under the careful guidance of ophthalmologists, the old people have learned the scientific method of eye care and eye care. "Being old, I attach great importance to my health. I go to the hospital for a regular physical examination every year, but there is no detailed examination for my eyes in the physical examination package... This event is particularly meaningful." Healthy eyes and clear vision are the basis for the elderly to enjoy their later years. Many elderly people found abnormal eyes, the reasons for delay in seeing a doctor, mainly because of the difficulty of queuing in the hospital, their own mobility, afraid to trouble their families. In this activity, Shenzhen Huasha Eye Hospital provides services such as car-to-car delivery, free examination, and operation cost assistance, so as to spare the veterans from these troubles, express the respect of all sectors of society for the soldiers, care for the veterans, and carry forward the glorious tradition of double support.  

      The project supporting the transfer of foreign trade to domestic sales shall have certain requirements for the objects of reward; In the support project of "Connecting foreign trade enterprises with domestic market", the special exhibition of foreign trade products shall be held by enterprises, institutions or other social organizations with independent legal personality, and no less than 50 foreign trade export enterprises will participate in the exhibition. Declare "foreign trade enterprise brand and standard system construction" support foreign trade export enterprise of the project, shall obtain export has the qualification, and has established or will establish enterprise independent brands, preliminary construction of domestic marketing channel and logistics system in the domestic market, at the same time in the same production line in accordance with the standards of the same products export and domestic sales, sale in domestic market and export products with quality, reach the standard access to foreign markets. The foreign trade export enterprises that apply for the support project of "foreign trade enterprises touch the cloud on the Internet" realize sales of more than 5 million yuan (including 5 million yuan) through e-commerce platforms and Internet platforms. For live effect, safe financial center Free Sky among clouds sightseeing layer, said an official with the relevant "the live activity, sightseeing layer can participate, and online public friends feelings won the guinness book of world records of transparent glass viewing field of vision, 360 Ⱐoverlooking the shenzhen all directions of natural ecological city beautiful scenery, feel very honored! It is also an interesting and meaningful attempt for the tourism floor, and I hope that through activities like 'Starting now', tourists can more respond to the 'Shenzhen people visit' initiative and discover the beauty in the city!" As the main venue of the second live broadcast, Shenzhen Window of the World is also very positive about the live broadcast effect. "This event, sponsored by Shenzhen Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, is the first outdoor broadcast studio under the Eiffel Tower of Window of the World, which is the first of its kind and has a novel form, which has opened the eyes of the fans of the broadcast studio. It starts with a dazzling light show, culminates with fireworks, and works pretty well. This live broadcast not only integrates the resources of famous scenic spots in Shenzhen, but also fully leverage the potential of the tourism market. It has triggered a good brand communication reputation in the society and aroused wide attention of netizens, which plays a good publicity role for enterprises and scenic spots." The first phase of Line 3, the backbone of the city's rail system, is considered by many to be as important as the second Metro Line 2. This line is located in the passenger flow corridor from the northeast to the west of the city, passing through Xihu District, Xicheng District, Gongshu District and Yuhang District, connecting dingqiao, Dongxin Garden, Desheng, Zhaohui, Huanglong, Chengxi, Xiaohe Mountain and other residential areas along the way, strengthening the connection between the west, northeast of the city and the secondary city of Linping and the main city center. After "00", as the representative of the new forces had already given up the habit of watching TV, which broadcast and B station is the place where they are soaking longest, after "00" small classmate often stood B watched the live broadcast, he said, "very interesting, a live is feeling the shenzhen multiple spots of different charm, appearance is very big, just like the Chinese New Year, especially the fireworks, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the effect is very shocked, I record the screen sharing to the students in the group, we also feel very good. After watching this live broadcast, I found that there were so many interesting places in Shenzhen. Before, I had a headache that I didn't know how to take my classmates to Play there. Now I have a goal." In addition to thumb up, many netizens also put forward Suggestions in the questionnaire. Some citizens suggested increasing the number of times of publicity and efforts to explore the original ecological beauty and delicious food in shenzhen. Hope to make more detailed introduction to more places in Shenzhen; If this kind of travel live broadcast can be normalized, the time can be fixed on Wednesday, and each episode has different contents, so as to provide reference for people's travel plans on the weekend. The interactive aspect of the live broadcasting platform needs to be strengthened. It is hoped that messages can be displayed on the live broadcasting page and other netizens can interact with each other. Some citizens also hope that some discounted scenic spot tickets can be sold in the live broadcasting. At present, JINGdong is not only the largest increment field of more than 260 billion yuan brands and hundreds of thousands of third-party merchants in the world, but also through in-depth cooperation with many partners such as walmart, Five Star Appliance, Gome, D.Phone, And Kuaiche, opens up its own infrastructure, and builds an innovation ecology with technology and partners. In the past five years, the number of employees of JINGdong Group has increased from 100,000 to 260,000, indirectly contributing to more than 15 million jobs and becoming a "stabilizer" of employment. Jd's integration with the global industrial chain is further deepened. According to the newly released Digital Procurement Development Report of Chinese Enterprises 2019, JD had served over 8 million active corporate customers by June 30, 2020, among which 91% of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises have reached cooperation with JD.

      This year marks the end of the tough fight against poverty. Shenzhen agricultural products group co., LTD., chairman of jian-feng he said that deep farming group active well-documented, innovation has created the nation's first "never ending poverty relief center, shenzhen consumption" as the counterpart support areas and group, more than 60000 customers across the country for links, accelerate the poor area depth into a large bay area of guangdong and shenzhen markets of agricultural products, strive to build long-term support mechanism. At the same time, innovative exhibition and sales, to "Poverty alleviation in Shenzhen? Relying on the online platform, the online exhibition hall and online exhibition and sales will be released simultaneously. Through new media such as Douyin, Taobao and Kuaishou, the sales of poverty alleviation products will be promoted. It is estimated that the annual sales of agricultural products in poor areas will reach 2 billion yuan, effectively helping poverty alleviation through consumption. The lecturer of this course is Auntie Li from Wenhua Community of Huangbei Sub-district. She is a lecturer of the "Women in Cloth" project created by The Public Welfare Development Center of Yimi Sunshine in Luohu District of Shenzhen. She is also a volunteer of Yimi Sunshine. In two classes, Ms. Li teaches mothers how to make pencil bags and gold mouth bags. From threading needle to the techniques of hiding needle, turning back needle and winding needle, Aunt Li guided the mothers on the way of zipper and stitching gold hand by hand until each of them could complete unique handmade works before the end of the course. It was the first time for Sister Zhang to take part in the activity of "Lady in Cloth". "I was drawn into the group by sheer stupidity," she said. "I love the atmosphere here. Very happy, Aunt Li and the other sisters are very patient to teach me."    Ms. Zhang said that it signed a labor contract with the company, a period of time in the company to do cleaning fell down the stairs, treatment costs spent more than 30,000 yuan before and after. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang applied for reimbursement to the company. The company cited Ms. Zhang as the hourly worker and said that she did not handle work-related injury insurance. Ms Zhang and the employer signed a labor contract, there is a labor relationship. "Bygons of inductrial injury insurance" in clear regulation, ought to attend inductrial injury insurance and did not attend the worker of inductrial injury insurance to produce inductrial injury, by this unit of choose and employ persons the inductrial injury insurance pay item that formulates according to this bygons and standard pay cost. Accordingly, the circumstance of Miss Zhang can apply for inductrial injury to maintain and disable appraisal, ask unit of choose and employ persons pays its inductrial injury to concern pay, and can ask unit of choose and employ persons to fill pay inductrial injury insurance premium, attend inductrial injury insurance.

      It was the biggest drop watsons China has ever reported. It is understood that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is only part of the story. Watsons' dilemma is more about consumers being less willing to go to Watsons. Once upon a time, The Quchen family was a "trendy" place in the eyes of young people, but now, it has been forgotten by young people. The problems of both commodity structure and service quality are all related to the aging and lack of innovation of Watsons' own stores. Of course, Watsons is also aware of this and has been trying various ways to capture the hearts of young people. It is understood that in recent years, Watsons has not only launched color Lab, "Play beauty concept store" and other new formats of business, but also created virtual idol brand AI (artificial intelligence) spokesperson "Qu Chenxi Wilson", and various IP (intellectual property) co-branded products are emerging one after another. In addition, Watsons also cooperated with Cainiao, Ele. me, Jingdong Home and other companies to expand delivery services. Efforts to build first-class business environment for the innovation of the participating enterprises to provide quality, rich business supporting services, and in the form of participative prize combined with locating prize, accelerate industrial achievements transformation, support for project docking enterprise service platform, venture capital institutions, rent subsidies, talent and other supporting support, comprehensively stimulate enterprise innovation main body role. "We sincerely invite entrepreneurs to take root in Yantian. We believe that yantian, with its excellent innovation atmosphere, will become a happy place for entrepreneurs."     

       It is summer vacation, children often stay and play in the parking lot and community, the vehicles in these areas are frequent, and people and cars mixed, frequent accidents. Traffic police in this remind the majority of parents, to strengthen the child's traffic safety education, do not let the child in the parking lot, near the vehicle play, travel alert, always keep in mind the safety! Although nearly half of the top 100 housing enterprises have laid out their urban renewal businesses, there is also a large gap in the scale involved based on factors such as entry time, capital investment and operation experience. According to the public information disclosed by enterprises, it can be found that the scale of real estate enterprises participating in urban renewal spans a huge span. The large scale involves more than 100 projects with a total construction area of more than 70 million square meters, while the small scale only participates in one project, less than 100,000 square meters. Aiming at the urban renewal field in the stock era, Yihan believes that project operation will become a new challenge for real estate enterprises. Especially in an industry where financing is tight and sales growth is slowing, it is not a wise choice to participate heavily in urban renewal projects. "If the city renewal is a short term operation, then it is a medium - and long-term operation to plan for the long-term development of enterprises. Compared with the quick turnover mode of the city renewal, the cycle of urban renewal is generally long and the capital takes up a large amount." For example, Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Shenzhen Investment & Control Co., Ltd. has taken "gathering resources, cultivating industries and serving cities" as its mission. Focus on building "science and technology finance, science and technology park, science and technology industry" three industrial clusters; Build a five-in-one business model of "science and technology innovation resources introduction + Science and technology park + Science and technology finance + listed companies + Science and technology industry cluster"; It has built a whole life cycle industrial ecosystem with science and technology finance as the "sunshine, rain and dew", science and technology parks as the "soil" and science and technology industry as the "seed, seedling and tree". In the first half of 2020, Shenzhen Investment & Control Group adjusted its strategy scientifically, made every effort to tap potential revenue and overcome the adverse impact brought by the epidemic, achieving revenue of 91.2 billion yuan and profit of 11.5 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 9% and 20% respectively. A total of 948 entries were received, 781 of which were successful. In terms of industry distribution, 123 electronic information projects, 269 Internet projects, 97 biomedical projects, 145 advanced manufacturing projects, 76 new energy and environmental protection projects, and 71 new materials projects have been selected. From the point of view of each single application, electronic information accounts for 15.74%, Internet accounts for 34.44%, biological medicine accounts for 12.42%, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection accounts for 18.57%, accounting for 81.17% of the total number of applications. According to reports, this is closely related to the orientation of Guangming industry. Through attracting support, Guangming District has become a gathering place of Internet, biomedicine and new energy in Shenzhen, and is a new force of scientific and technological innovation in Shenzhen.

      Since 2016, Lanzi Has entered the medical beauty industry through acquisition. Last year, the company completed its 100 per cent stake in Ranzi Healthcare through a share issue. At present, There are three brands under Langzi Stock, namely, milan Baiyu, a high-end medical beauty brand, Gao Shiyi, a technical medical beauty brand, and Jingfu Medical, a light medical store chain brand. By the end of last year, Lanzi Shares in the country has 13 medical beauty institutions. In fact, Lanzi shares continue to increase the investment in medical beauty business has its own deep meaning. According to a report released by Foresight Industrial Research Institute, from 2012 to 2019, the overall scale of the domestic medical beauty market has been growing year by year, with an annual compound growth rate of 29%. Last year, the domestic medical beauty market was 11.7 billion yuan, up 22.2 percent year on year. Meanwhile, the annual report of Lanzi Shares in 2019 shows that the company's medical beauty business realized an operating income of 630 million yuan, up 31.27% from the same period last year, and realized an operating profit of 107 million yuan, up 49.79% from the same period last year. Ruan Qingfeng, first secretary of Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: Actively strive for more than 5 million yuan of project funds, to build the whole village improvement project. Infrastructure such as sightseeing walkways, viewing platforms, leisure squares and cultural buildings has been built. Chen Yi, a villager from Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: It has increased dozens of times compared to the original. I nearly 60 years old, do not know immediately get such a situation, three years of change is good big, now I live at home looking at (scenery) very cool, come back to eat a full meal out to enjoy the cool especially comfortable. Tourist Yin Hang: After coming here, it was quite nice to see, because it was nice to see not only the lake, but also some of the Skyline of Fuchuan. After coming here, I feel that this decoration is very beautiful, and then there is a kind of earth-shaking change with the former countryside, which is to give a person a refreshing feeling. Since 2016, Lanzi Has entered the medical beauty industry through acquisition. Last year, the company completed its 100 per cent stake in Ranzi Healthcare through a share issue. At present, There are three brands under Langzi Stock, namely, milan Baiyu, a high-end medical beauty brand, Gao Shiyi, a technical medical beauty brand, and Jingfu Medical, a light medical store chain brand. By the end of last year, Lanzi Shares in the country has 13 medical beauty institutions. In fact, Lanzi shares continue to increase the investment in medical beauty business has its own deep meaning. According to a report released by Foresight Industrial Research Institute, from 2012 to 2019, the overall scale of the domestic medical beauty market has been growing year by year, with an annual compound growth rate of 29%. Last year, the domestic medical beauty market was 11.7 billion yuan, up 22.2 percent year on year. Meanwhile, the annual report of Lanzi Shares in 2019 shows that the company's medical beauty business realized an operating income of 630 million yuan, up 31.27% from the same period last year, and realized an operating profit of 107 million yuan, up 49.79% from the same period last year. "After 80" Lao wu is a travel enthusiast, affected by outbreaks have not been out of town I rectified, watching the live she said excitedly, "tourism live is a kind of very good experience, after all, is limited by the objective reasons, not everyone can say go you go, to screen the zongzi, by the famous host of radio, film and television with in each scenic spots to see, open field of vision, also in my heart silently" grass ", decided to also go to the seaside next weekend, go to the park on a trip, a bug." "After 90" XiaoCai, work in the visual arts in shenzhen, she analyzes the live, with professional eye "live every link between main venue and the venue, the switch is very smooth, like there is a clear line of real tourism, and transformation to each venue of attractions, broadcast related images is introduced at the start, the audience can clearly know the detailed information of scenic spots, also join the host at the ground in live, let the audience have the sense more, inspired to the enthusiasm of the field play."  

      According to experts interviewed by The Rule of Law Daily, the free admission policy should not be implemented in a one-size-fits-all way, and the development of the ticket economy should be managed according to local conditions, taking into account resource attributes, development and construction, cost input and other factors. In hubei province, from August 8th to the end of this year, including "11" golden week, nearly 400 a-class tourist scenic spot of national tourist free admission, the outbreak of low risk area visitors real-name appointments, measuring temperature, sweeping health code can enter the scenic area, after each scenic spot will be in accordance with the "set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak" open request, according to the verification of daily maximum load of 50% daily appointment. "The essence of tourism is attention economy and eye economy. At present, consumers are faced with diversified choices, and reducing prices is actually to increase the weight of being chosen. At present, in the process of tourism recovery, the competition is fierce, and the tourism industry urgently needs to strengthen the source of tourists and find the weakness of consumers. It should also be noted that free admission to scenic spots is more a government action than a market action." "Liu Simin said.      

         In three days, a total of 1554 people participated in the "Here we go" all-media live broadcast questionnaire released by Shenzhen News Network. According to statistics, the audience of this live broadcast is mainly from 19 to 50 years old, among which the age group from 19 to 35 years old accounts for more than 70% of the total audience, and 76% of the audience comes from Shenzhen. It is not difficult to see that the direct, real-time and down-to-earth live broadcasting method and rich and wonderful live broadcasting content are more likely to arouse the deep resonance of the "post-80s" and "post-90s". As the first attempt of shenzhen local tourism live broadcast, audience satisfaction is generally satisfied after watching it, accounting for nearly 60%, while very satisfied accounts for 26%, and the total satisfaction reaches 84%. More than 70 percent of the audience said they had an increased willingness to travel after watching the live broadcast. According to the International Classification of Diseases, mental illness includes nearly 400 species in 10 categories. Mild mental disorders may only be symptoms of upset, insomnia, mood instability, etc., and the prevalence rate was 35.19‰. The prevalence rate of severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and affective mental disorders was 13.47‰, presenting as abnormal words and deeds, which would endanger the society in serious cases. This training activity popularized the related knowledge of mental health to the volunteers and improved the volunteers' ability to participate in mental health services. Next, Fenghuang Street Political and Legal Office will continue to organize and carry out mental health publicity activities, eliminate social prejudice against mental illness, advocate more and more residents to participate in voluntary service activities, and improve the level of mental health services in the whole society.


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