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      Li benyan and her younger brother went to school for four or five minutes along the rugged mountain road at home, and they could see the school. However, when they got to the school, they had to approach for two hours. At each step, there was a cliff hundreds of meters high under their feet. This road was also the only way for them to leave the village. When they moved, they took not only schoolbags, but also small benches that accompanied them for many years. From the gate of Maojiawan, you can get to the school in 25 minutes by taking the Dongguan love bus. Li benyan is only one of more than 3000 students who have been relocated to poverty alleviation in Maojiawan, Ludian County. The cooperation between the East and the West helps the villagers who are far away from their hometown to feel the warmth of the society and make the resettlement area more warm. Novel coronavirus pneumonia Deputy Secretary General Chen Shihua said that in July 2020, with China's overall efforts to promote new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work has achieved positive results, the overall recovery of the economic situation continues to improve, especially under the promotion of various consumer policies, the market owners to accelerate the pace of resumption of business, the orderly increase of residents' consumption, and the gradual improvement of market vitality. Sales continued to improve. In this context, the automobile production and sales continued the warming trend since the second quarter and maintained a good running situation. "Big companies are doing well." Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely's sales volume reached 105000 in July, up 15% year-on-year; Great Wall Motor's sales at home and abroad were all successful, with a total sales of 78300 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 30%. Among them, the export sales of Great Wall Motor in July was 6300, with a month on month increase of 75%. The book "dawn of civilization" compiled by Zuo Tangquan is divided into three volumes, namely, the Grand View of bronzes, the art of bronzes and the bronzes of Hanzhong. This paper discusses the shape and use of bronzes, the art of casting, ornamentation, inscription, weapons, food, wine, water, musical instruments, miscellaneous utensils. It has a wide field of vision, clear levels and appropriate details. It is of great significance to discuss the bronze wares of Hanzhong city against the background of human civilization. Zuo Tangquan also talked about the bronze wares in Hanzhong. From the perspective of the shape of the implements, weapons were far more than ritual ones, reflecting that Hanzhong was in a state of war more than in peacetime. According to the annals of Huayang state, "when King Wu conquered Zhou, Shu also followed suit." at that time, Hanzhong belonged to the category of Bashu, and warriors should take part in the battle of pastoral areas. This is also the best explanation for the fact that weapons are far more than ritual weapons.   

       It is understood that the National Fitness Day; During the period, under the condition of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, all localities innovated the organization form of the activities and insisted on the combination of small-scale, online and offline. The people in Baiyun District can participate in the video selection of square dance for the elderly and fitness Yangko video for the elderly on the network platform, so that it is possible for the masses to participate in the interaction without leaving the house, and the residents can also feel it; The atmosphere of National Fitness Day. The theme activities of "National Fitness Day" and "my home fitness story" were held simultaneously. "At present, the company's inventory of all kinds of oil products is nearly 3000 tons, and the daily filling oil products are about 2000 pieces, about 40 tons, which can ensure the normal supply of the market." Yao Hui, deputy general manager of Xinjiang grain and Oil Co., Ltd., said that the oil prices facing the end market remained stable. The Bureau of grain and material reserve of the autonomous region adheres to the daily system of ensuring supply and price stability in grain and oil market, collects and summarizes the sales prices of grain and oil in supermarkets and wholesale markets in Xinjiang every day, analyzes and judges them, and puts forward measures and suggestions based on problems. At the same time, we should actively coordinate and solve the transportation problems of grain and oil enterprises, get through the cross Prefecture transportation of raw grain, processing, sales and other links, so as to ensure the stability of the whole grain chain supply. In order to resolve the contradictions and disputes of the masses in a timely manner, and break through the "blocking point" of grassroots social governance, Altay City gives full play to the collaborative and complementary role of multiple subjects, creates the first lawyer duty workstation in the whole region, promotes the practice of "talking point" and "public legal service room", and constantly improves the multi resolution mechanism of contradictions and disputes. "At the beginning of January, I bought five sheep, but soon died. After the veterinary examination, they found that the sheep were sick. I went to the seller many times, but he was not willing to refund the money. Thanks to the legal adviser, I asked for the money back." Last year, Aksu region focused on the city positioning of livable and industrial parks, and made efforts to create an ecological and livable spatial pattern. Wu Delu, a citizen of Aksu, felt deeply: "many mainland friends think that we are close to the desert, lack of water and lack of green. In fact, after years of construction, Aksu is full of green." Indeed, the construction of desert greening project in Aksu area gives the masses of all ethnic groups a real sense of gain. Duolang River scenic spot runs through the urban area. Dongcheng Park, Populus euphratica Park, fengquanhe Park, happiness Park, sports park, forest park, wetland park, etc. are echoed in the East, West, North and south. Street parks are decorated like pearls. The four City entrances and exits are surrounded by green lines, and the urban ecological environment is constantly improved.

        Ensuring housing safety is an important part of "two no worries and Three Guarantees". The article "on building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" points out that, compared with the requirements of "two no worries and Three Guarantees", four aspects of problems are more prominent, one of which is "some poor people still live in dangerous houses". Special purchases for the Spring Festival in January 26th afternoon, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero, came to Guo Yongcai's house, to explore cellars, touch the wall, see the new year's goods, sit on the Kang head, and understand the life of one family. Since 2014, Aershan city has invested 4 billion yuan in total, collecting more than 10000 houses in shantytowns and raising 2700 resettlement houses. "I used to live in a bungalow, burning fire, collecting firewood and pouring ash, and my nose was black. Now I live in a building with a gas stove and water heater, and I don't have to go to a public bathhouse any more." Said Feng Xiuhua, Guo Yongcai's wife.    

         Cai Songsong, the fund manager of noan and Xin flexible allocation hybrid funds, believes that the demand growth brought about by "domestic substitution" can support the semiconductor industry to become a "unilateral growth" industry in the next five years. Based on the medium and long-term perspective, the phenomenon of high static P / E ratio of some enterprises in semiconductor industry should not be taken into account. &At present, many leading semiconductor companies have a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, and their valuations are at a high level. The market generally thinks that they are too expensive;. But in my view, from a long-term perspective, they are just beginning. The market value and market share of semiconductor leading companies still have considerable room for improvement. ”   At present, the college entrance examination admission is in an orderly and tense way. Some of the early batches have been accepted, some are in the process of enrollment, and some are already soliciting volunteers. At the same time, the admission notice of colleges and universities has been issued one after another. The provincial education examination institute reminds candidates to pay attention to the mailing time of college entrance examination admission notice, and to distinguish the true from the false after receiving the notice. According to the regulations of the Ministry of education, the admission notice should be sent one week after the completion of this batch of admission. August this year will be the time for the issuance and reception of advance approval, single undergraduate and undergraduate batch. Candidates should pay attention to the admission process in time, and pay attention to keep the communication smooth, especially the mobile phone and landline phone number left when filling in the application form, so that the delivery staff can deliver the goods smoothly.

      With the improvement of economic development and social governance level, especially the government's attention to environmental health work, the city where we live and work is getting better and more beautiful. However, novel coronavirus pne&#